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The Results from our first epic effort in the new content marketing push

Our first Strategy Series article has taken off, thanks to a nice Boost from Karolis and some serious social media promotion by Yam. The rest of us did our part, too. Thank you all for caring and sharing.

Release Date: 10:00 am EST, Wednesday December 19, 2018 by Tonya Parker


  • The most effective social channels were LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Social promotion requires a personal touch (and an incentive?)
  • Email and direct messages were our second largest traffic source
  • Boosts help drive traffic
  • Promotion of content should be a multi-channel and continuous endeavor

Week 0: We publish

In the first few days after the article was launched, the results looked like this:

Week 0: We publish

As you can see, even with just a little promotion following the article’s publication on November 28, we had some views and a few people decided to begin following me on Medium. (Trust me, it’s Zest they are interested in--not me.)

Now, take a look at this chart and see if you can guess what happened.

Week 0: We publish

Post-publication Week 1: We promote

If you guessed that the Zesteam put their shoulders to the wheel and began promoting the article, you’d be correct. December 6 was the first day that the article was Boosted on Zest.

December 6 was also the day that Yam mentioned the article in a Facebook post.

Post-publication Week 1: We promote

Post-publication Week 2: We promote harder

But, wait, there’s more. Here are the results after another week--3 weeks and 1 day after publication.

Post-publication Week 2: We promote harder

This graph represents our Boost and Facebook traffic plus the results from Yam’s December 12 LinkedIn post. He used the promise of a copy of our marketing Gantt chart to catch readers’ attention and it turned out to be a pretty good strategy.

During the week fo December 10, I was also promoting the article via Twitter by using select quotes from the content.

Let’s look at where our readers came from.

Post-publication Week 2: We promote harder

And, we get personal about it

As you can see, we have a pretty nice mix. Facebook, Zest and LinkedIn have all done their part but now we are getting some interest from email too. Perhaps those numbers are from Yam’s bot--he sent a direct link to the article along with each copy of the Gantt chart that he distributed. (455 people requested that Gantt!)

Looking at the numbers, what is see is the impact that a personal touch can have. Views from email/direct referrals and LinkedIn nearly doubled following Yam’s LI post. Our read rate stayed nearly consistent--with just a slight bump from 9% to 10%. Also during the period between December 10 and 13, our total views more than doubled to 1000.

In addition to the data referenced above, I have noted a slight uptick in the number of people following me on Medium and connecting with me on LinkedIn. There hasn’t been any noticeable increase in Twitter or Facebook attention.

I received a lovely personal message from a Zest member via LinkedIn and she provided us with solid feedback on why she felt the article was “epic.” So, that was nice. We’re also using Yam’s LI post to personally interact with some of the users who have left comments.

We’re not done yet

Going forward, our plan is to periodically promote this and other articles via our email signatures.
Karolis for his idea on how to make that happen.

Additionally, for our next article, we’re hoping to incorporate UTMs and other tracking measures to help us get an even better idea of exactly what happens to our articles after we hit publish and how we can improve their performance.

Thanks to everyone for helping me bring that first one into the world!

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