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Zest Enlight

Upskill Your
Marketing Talent.
Stay Ahead of the Industry.

The knowledge-building content you need, when and where you need it, backed by community curation and AI

Enroll by June 11 and get 3 months free
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98% Match
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Building your marketing knowledge

anywhere, anytime, away from
the content noise

Custom content selections tailored to your professional needs

Moderated by the community,
distilled by ML, and matched
by AI specifically to you

The right amountof content you need,
when you need it

Personalize the quantity and
frequency at which you’re consuming
content on a daily and weekly basis

Communitybacked curation

The content is curated by a tribe of
dedicated marketing professionals
to ensure that it is relevant, timely
and actionable

A unique mobilelearning experience

Micro-learning on the go with either
your iOS or Android device

Customize free or get premium AI personalization with Zest Enlight


Mobile access to the Zest Content Stream

$0.00 / month
  • Select up to 2 tags

Zest Enlight

A personalized, knowledge-building machine

$5.99 / month
  • AI-guided learning path
  • Select unlimited tags
  • Choose your content quantity
  • Decide when it’s delivered

These Enlightershave already taken
it for a spin

  • Stephanie Baiocchi Director of Audience Engagement & Community, IMPACT

    When content is is suggested through Zest Enlight I know it's not only related to my interests but will also be worth prioritizing reading, reducing the need for my “to read later” folder.

  • Matthew Zammit Founder and Digital Strategist, Know your social

    The personalised content is perfectly on point and fits in naturally with what I need to grow professionally.

  • Lori Steuart Marketing Manager at ioFABRIC

    With Zest Enlight I am able to limit the amount of content I see and focus on what really matters instead of falling down a rabbit hole.

Enroll by June 11 and get 3 months free

Community questionsabout Zest Enlight’s closed beta

What’s the difference between Zest and Zest Enlight?
Zest Enlight is the premium version of Zest which uses AI and ML to personalize your knowledge-building path
What happens when I refer someone?
The colleagues you refer will also get a 3-month free trial if they join by June 11.
How can I send you feedback about the BETA?
Simply contact us, we’ll be happy to hear you out.
What happens if I don’t join by June 11?
You can enjoy a free 14-day trial of Zest Enlight after which the subscription costs $5.99 per month and you still get Zest as the free version.
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You are in!

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