A twist of lemon

News December 26, 2021


A twist of lemon

In April 2021, Zest joined forces with WalkMe to build together the future of the employee digital workspace.

WalkMe’s goal is to reduce friction between people and software, and at Zest, we aim to make information available across any tool, time, and team.

Since joining forces with WalkMe, we have united in developing WalkMe Workstation – an application that combines our visions into a single, harmonic, and compelling product.

Today, I want to invite you to register for early bird beta access.

Once the application is finalized, we’ll provide you access to Workstation for personal use – giving you the chance to enjoy the best digital working experience ever made.

Having said that, I want to announce that we’ll wind down the Zest New Tab Chrome extension by the end of January 2022.

As Zest Founder and CEO, I want to thank you for your support along the way, and I look forward to having you with us on WalkMe Workstation.