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Invasion of the Contributors | v1.3.0

September 4, 2019


Invasion of the Contributors | v1.3.0

Content contributions are the lifeblood of Zest. They bring only knowledge-building content with no compromises.

What’s also cool is that contributing content creates a mutual benefit. Contributors get to expose their content to a community of pros, build credibility and new relationships, and other tribe members get to enjoy the content!

Since launching on Product Hunt, we’ve been talking to the tribe and it has been an absolute blast to build and prioritize new features based on the needs of the community. (Feel free to join the conversation in our Facebook group)

Anyways, here’s what is included in the new tribe-guided update:

Zesters can appreciate your content

Every Zester who consumes the content you suggested now has the ability to thank you for the contribution.

⭐️ Make the most of it: Use these thank you messages as an indicator for content performance + connect with your fans on LinkedIn 😉

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Grow your Zest following

Zesters can now opt-in to be notified of your new contributions!

⭐️ Make the most of it: Contribute content across multiple tags to grow your new fanbase.

Contributions on mobile!

The more, the merrier! You can now contribute your found or created marketing content directly within the app. You can also see real-time status updates on this page and you might even see yourself on our Top Contributors Lemonboard. 🙂

⭐️ Make the most of it: Select content from some of the tribe’s favourite blogs to help fellow marketers learn!

To get all these fun features, make sure to update your app:

Download Zest on iOS  

See you on the other side!