How To Choose The Right Email Marketing Software in 2020

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How To Choose The Right Email Marketing Software in 2020

So, you’re here trying to find out how to choose the right email marketing software for your business.

Many email marketers have tried to do that before you.

Did they succeed? Well, it all comes down to what you want from your email marketing tool.

Do you want it to be powerful? Offer you extra features? Have a user-friendly interface that even a baby can use? Or all of the above?

Today, you’re in luck as we’ll uncover how to choose the right email marketing service for your business.

Let’s go!

1. Features You Definitely Need

When it comes to scaling your business with digital marketing, getting a tool that is difficult to use isn’t your best call.

Instead of going with the flow, the first thing you need to do is see which email marketing software is compatible with your needs.

A hard-to-use platform will end up being the bane of your existence.

To save yourself from wasting your time on the wrong tool, you should look for the following features:

Drag-and-Drop Email Builder

Drag-and-drop builders have made email marketing easier for everyone. 

The flexibility and easiness-of-use that a drag-and-drop editor offers will help you take your first steps towards a successful email marketing strategy.

Moosend, for example, is among the email marketing services that have an intuitive drag-and-drop builder.

GIF showing how Moosend's drag and drop email builder works

The platform’s editor allows you to create professional email marketing campaigns without having any technical expertise.

Also, don’t forget that to create unique campaigns, you need all the right elements to attract your email subscribers’ attention.

For that, Moosend’s campaign editor equips you with some amazing elements like:

Email Campaign Variety

A variety of elements will help you nail your email newsletter design and improve your open and click-through rates.

However, that’s not enough to supercharge your email marketing strategy. 

When you choose an email marketing software, don’t forget to check whether it has various campaign types.

Screenshot of Moosend's platform where you can choose the campaign type, such as "regular campaign" or "A/B Split Campaign"

Every business has different needs. Yours too! So, it’s elementary to have at your disposal different campaign types to suit your needs.

Moosend, for instance, offers five different email campaigns such as regular campaigns, A/B Testing, Repeatable HTML, RSS, and  Automation campaigns.

You can try all these types yourself when you sign up for a free Moosend account.

Newsletter Templates

Choosing an email marketing software that equips you with awesome newsletter templates will give you an advantage.

Not only will you manage to save time but, if you are new to email marketing, the templates will also function as a blueprint.

Want to create a cart abandonment campaign for your online store but don’t know how?

An email template will help you learn the ropes and introduce you to the wonderful world of email marketing.

A screenshot of Moosend's platform showing how it looks to pick an email template from their library

And don’t forget that modern consumers are mobile-loving creatures.

So, aim for platforms that will provide you with responsive templates for all mobile devices.

Email List Segmentation 

Segmentation is an effective marketing strategy to deliver messages tailored to your audience’s needs.

By dividing your contact list into groups with similar interests, you’ll increase the relevancy of your messages.

An email marketing platform will let you segment your audience based on demographics such as their gender, age, or profession.

Nevertheless, you should always look for platforms offering more advanced segmentation features based on real-time user behavior.  

Screenshot of Moosend showing how to manage advanced segmentation of subscribers

Moosend’s segments, for example, will give you the power to divide your audience based on certain actions.

Then, you can turn their activity into a personalized email marketing campaign that they won’t be able to resist.

Personalization Features

Speaking of personalized messages, when you choose your email marketing platform, you need a smart business tool that combines segmentation with personalization.

Highly-personalized emails will give you better click-through and conversion rates.

So, when choosing the right platform, make sure to check its segmentation and personalization features.

The majority of email marketing platforms have allowed email marketers to get their hands on simple personalization tactics like adding a first name.

However, adding a name might not be enough to convert them. 

For instance, Moosend has enabled marketers to create targeted email campaigns based on weather conditions.

Image of a personalized email advertisement to people in Moscow, stating "Hey Alice, We've heard it's cold in Moscow!"

That’s some next-level personalization. 

So, when you choose an email marketing software, check if it gives you access to such powerful tools.

Reporting and Analytics

Finally, advanced reporting and analytics are essential for monitoring your email campaigns.

Without the stats, you won’t measure your performance and come up with better solutions to improve your conversions.

So, make sure to choose an email marketing platform that will provide you with all the data you need like your open rate, clicks, and even your unsubscribes to keep everything under control.

2. Customer Service To Help You Scale Your Business

When you make your first steps into email marketing, you’ll come across certain obstacles.

That’s when you need to contact customer support through live chat, email, or phone to help you deal with your problem as fast and efficiently as possible.

Different email marketing platforms will give you different contact options based on your plan.

While you can’t be sure of the level of satisfactory support, you should consider customer service as an important factor for choosing or even changing your email marketing software.

To give you an idea, here are some things you should look for:

  • accessible customer support channels
  • customer support response rate
  • sufficient product knowledge
  • instant solutions to common and complex problems

An amazing customer experience is what you should aim for when choosing a new tool for your business.

So, don’t forget to consider customer service before you make up your mind.

3. Pricing That Doesn’t Break The Bank

Now comes the difficult part. Pricing has always been a rather sensitive issue, especially for new businesses with low or no budgets.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have access to email marketing.

To make the right decision, sign up for any free trials or free plans to help you determine if this is the right email marketing software for you.

Take Advantage of Free Trials

Every major email marketing platform offers some form of trial.

During the free period, you can test a variety of features, create and send an email marketing campaign and see if the tool suits your needs.

While a free trial is a great way to test a platform, you will inevitably need to purchase a plan to keep sending emails.

Try the Free Plan

A free plan is always a wise choice if you have a small business that doesn’t want to break the bank.

Some platforms will give you access to a “lite” version of their program. What you get is the basic features, usually with some sending limitations.

Nevertheless, a free plan will be more practical than a 14-day free trial and let you test the essential features of your platform.

Moosend, for instance, has a free forever plan you can join to create campaigns, set up automation, segment, personalize, and monitor your campaign performance.

The free plan allows you to send unlimited emails per month for up to 1,000 email subscribers, forever.

Picture of Moosend's pricing plan, with three columns: one for the free plan, one for the pro plan, and one for enterprise accounts

Before you make any hasty moves, make sure to check your platform’s plans, and if it aligns with your goals, make sure to give it a try.

Choose the Right Platform for the Future

While free trials and free plans are great to get you started, you should also aim for a platform that won’t break your future bank.

As your business and mailing list grow, so does the pricing of your email marketing platform. 

Paying too much for your growing list will be a deal-breaker for your business.

To avoid it, make sure to check all the available plans to determine whether they will suit your future needs or not.

4. Email Deliverability To Reach Your Subscribers’ Inbox


By choosing an Email Service Provider (ESP) that gives you the best email deliverability rates.

Email deliverability is crucial when it comes to sending your campaigns. 

An ESP with high-class architecture and infrastructure will give you the best deliverability rates to land those emails into your new subscriber’s inbox.

Before you choose, though, don’t forget to check your ESP’s server reputation.

Screenshot showing DKIM and SPF authentication on Moosend

What’s more, an email marketing software that provides you with anti-spam checks, scheduled sending, SPF and DKIM authentication, and more will help you combat common deliverability issues and increase your open rates.

5. Additional Features

Email marketing platforms are equipped with a plethora of features to take your email campaigns to the next level.

However, in the digital era of all-in-one tools, email marketing platforms can give you more than an email builder.

As a result, numerous ESPs have gone the extra mile of providing their users with additional features:

Lead Generation Features 

Increasing your lead generation requires a set of powerful features to help you out.

Some of the best tools that will make the ultimate combo with email marketing are:

  • an online form builder: to create popups and email signup forms to boost your list building. 
  • a landing page builder: to increase your lead generation and convert your audience. 

Moosend is one of those all-in-one marketing tools to give you both subscription forms and landing pages in one place.

Screenshot of Moosend's options for creating and adding forms to your site

The benefit of selecting a platform that offers all the tools in one place is that you won’t have to get a different tool whose designs might not match your branding.

Email Marketing Automation Features

Of course, when you hear about great email marketing, you can’t miss marketing automation.

Marketing automation enables you to automate tedious tasks, increase productivity, and scale your business.

Before choosing your platform, check if your email marketing software options offer you automated workflows.

Platforms like Moosend have long invested in equipping marketers with automated workflows to simplify their email marketing efforts.

Screenshot of the Moosend platform where you can pick automated workflows of email sequences

Among others, you can choose from a variety of recipes like:

  • Welcome email campaigns
  • Abandoned cart emails
  • Onboarding email series
  • Thank you emails
  • Upsell/cross-sell campaigns and more


Email marketing has long been one of the best, most cost-effective marketing channels to scale your business.

Following the steps above will hopefully make the process a little easier and help you get the most advanced email marketing tool.

Don’t forget that with the right email marketing software, you’ll manage to build the right relationships with the right people and lead them one step closer to conversion.

Author bio 

Marilia Dimitriou is a Creative Writer working for email marketing automation software Moosend. Her passion for writing has made her find new ways to combine the art of Creative Writing with SEO Copywriting. When she’s not writing articles, you’ll find her enthusing over marketing tech and automation. Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.