We’re giving away 31 of our award-winning email templates [also on GitHub]

All Marketing Strategy Top Content May 3, 2020
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We’re giving away 31 of our award-winning email templates [also on GitHub]

It’s true, our automated emails won a few prizes and were mentioned in top marketing and tech publications.

And with everything going on in the world, we felt now is the right time to share these templates with everyone.

We are proud to lead the Empathy Marketing movement and as part of it we want to do whatever we can to help our fellow marketers during this time, so please reach out if there’s any other way we could help you!

Mutual support is the new currency and empowering others for free is the most needed these days. This is the time to support each other and show some empathy. 

Below you will find all the templates. We included them in both textual and GitHub format so you could give them to your devs to quickly implement.

Keep in mind the GIFs are usually aligned on the left but we had some slight WordPress formatting issues for this post so they’re centered 😊 (they’re formatted properly on GitHub). We didn’t want to hold up getting these out to you!

We are dividing the 31 emails into groups:

  1. Newsletter Sequences
  2. Sales Triggers & SalesOps Emails
  3. User Activity & Accomplishments Triggered Emails – Content Contributors
  4. Mini Drip Sequence – Chrome New Tab Extension Users
  5. Mobile App Emails
  6. Churn Users and Referral

Here are the topics of the emails:

  1. Welcome emails
  2. Power Users emails
  3. Referral emails
  4. Product emails
  5. Retention and churn prevention emails

Well, here they are.

Newsletter Sequences

1. Approval – Newsletter signup [+GitHub]

Subject Line: you’re in


Hey Max,

Soon you’ll receive a curated Zest newsletter (every Wednesday).

If you want to get even better content, download the Zest app to have it curated %26 personalized for your liking.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

All the best,

2. Daily newsletter (just the intro paragraph as the content is dynamic) [+GitHub]

Subject Line: for today


Hi Ben,

Today’s content selection is under the following skills you are improving in: eCommerce, Automation and CRO.

You should get Zest if you haven’t already. Here are the mobile apps. If you’re a desktop person, there’s the Chrome browser, too.

Btw, pros like yourself contribute the content below. Join the tribe by contributing your own content.

Best, Zesteam


3. Weekly newsletter (full example) [+GitHub]

Subject Line: Zest newsletter: [First article’s title]


Hi John,

Here’s your personalized selection of knowledge-building content fresh from the Zest community:

A marketer you follow on Zest shared this quality piece:

Have time to catch up on this piece that you saved?

This is a big week for all Zesters!

Starting yesterday, your contributed content will also be featured on the UpContent platform as we announce our new partnership with them!

Virtual elbow bump 💪🍋💪!!

This means:

  1. Your content on Zest is confirmed to be the highest quality (as we already knew)
  2. Your content will be put in front of many more eyeballs

Read all the details of the partnership here:

Keep staying healthy,

4. Reset password email [+GitHub]

Subject Line: Reset your Zest password


Hey Derek,

You’ve asked for your password to be reset.
Click here to reset your password.

All the best,

Sales Triggers & SalesOps Emails

5. Confirmation – User signed up to hear more about the product (sales intent) [+GitHub]

Subject Line: Your content boost request 


Hey friend,

I got your Content Boost request and I will contact you in the next 24 hrs.

Say, what prompted you to sign up?

Get the Zest app to see real-time updates 🤩 about your contributions and performance.

Download the app from this link 👈

Have a lovely day,

6. Invitation – Campaign dashboard is ready for the client [+GitHub]

Subject Line:  [Action Required] Your Premium Campaign Dashboard


Hey Ben,

You have been invited to start content boost and sponsorship campaigns with Zest for “Google”.

Head over to your own custom campaign dashboard for more information.

Visit Dashboard

Or copy this link to access the page: https://zest.is

Exciting times,

P.S. You can access the dashboard from your profile, too

7. Status update – Campaign was created for client [+GitHub]

Subject Line: your campaign has started [look inside]


Hey John,

A new campaign has been created for Google.

Here are the details:

  • “Holiday Campaign” is the title – Quick link
  • 150 clicks for content boost
  • 75,000 impressions for a sponsorship

Head over to your campaign dashboard to start.

Visit Dashboard

Or copy this link to access the page: ${link_to_dashboard}

Happy days,

P.S. You can access the dashboard from your profile, too

8. Status update – Campaign goes live [+GitHub]

Subject Line: boost is live


Hey Dan,

Your boost campaign for “Product Design – Expectation vs Reality” is now LIVE on Zest.

Why don’t you contribute other articles from your blog in the meantime?

Yellow love,

9. Status update – Content Boost Campaign is finished [+GitHub]

Subject Line: your zest boost finished


Hey great people of Google,

Your content boost click limit for campaign “Holiday Campaign” has been reached!

Feel free to dig into boost performance and your Google Analytics to see which content should be boosted more:)


10. Status update – Sponsorship Banners Campaign is finished [+GitHub]

Subject Line: your zest sponsorship finished


Hey great people of Google,

Your sponsorship impression limit for campaign “Holiday Campaign” has been reached!

Have you tried A/B testing the tagline or images? Data suggests a more WIIFM tagline can result in a 32% increase in clicks.


11. Status update – Campaign performance update [+GitHub]

Subject Line: [Zest stats]: [Campaign_Name] report


Hey Ben,

Here is a quick overview of your current campaign “Holiday Campaign”:

TitleBoostsClicksClicks per boost
SEO Keyword Research Made Easy in 202088610.75
SEO Keyword Research Made Hard in 201933210.67

Visit Dashboard

Or copy this link to access the page: https://zest.is

How do you find the campaign so far?

I’m here to help out if you’d like to make any changes on the fly:)


P.S. You can access the dashboard from your profile, too

Shane Barker, "Becoming a Zest Contributor exposed my content to a community of highly engaged marketing pros" banner (Contribute your content)

User Activity & Accomplishments Triggered Emails – Content Contributors

12. Approval – User content contribution got into the admin [+GitHub]

Subject Line: your contributed content


Hey Ben,

“Breaking Down Customer Obsession In Business” is now being reviewed.

You can track your content status in real-time on the Zest mobile app.

I’m looking to have more cool content contributors like yourself.
Can you share this link with two more colleagues of yours? It would be very helpful.

Lemony love,

13. Activity status update – User content contribution is pending review [+GitHub]

Subject Line: waiting with you


Hey Ben,

Your contributed content is pending review but rest assured that the machines will soon start crunching through these:

Product Design – Expectation vs RealityPending
How to use Facebook login on your websitePending

If you want to see instant updates, you can do so on the Zest mobile app.

You’re the best!

Have a creative yellow day,

14. Activity status update – User content contribution was accepted [+GitHub]

Subject Line: you did it


What’s up, John?

If there was a casino called Zest you would be the jackpot winner 🤗

Your suggested content was accepted by the Zest tribe members who reviewed it!!!
Here are the details:

TitlePublish Time
Product Design – Expectation vs RealityApril 20, 2020 10:00 pm

You can boost your approved content to get 10x more engagement.
🚀 Give it a Boost

Please keep on suggesting more great content and spreading the Zest love <3

Have a lemony-great day,

15. Activity status update – User content contributions got mixed status (some approved, some rejected) [+GitHub]

Subject Line: the winners


Hey Ben,

Some of your amazing content contributions made it through Zest’s quality screening.
Only 7% of total suggestions do that!

Check out which ones made it through and which ones didn’t:

TitleStatusPublish time / reject reason
Product Design – Expectation vs RealityAcceptedApr 12, 2020 10:00pm 🚀Give it a boost
GoogleNot a ZestGood taste! This link was already suggested by another Zester. Your success score won’t be affected, no worries 🙂
https://growth.design/case-studies/tinder-monetization/Waiting for reviewWe’ll update you soon

You’re on the Zest feed and doing really well.
Keep on zesting and spreading the yellow love <3

Have a good lemony one,

16. Activity status update – User content contribution was rejected [+GitHub]

Subject Line: so close


Hey Sam,

You made a tremendous effort, I know.

But, your content was not the right fit for the tribe. Here’s why:

TitleReject Reason
Product Design – Expectation vs RealityGood taste! This link was already suggested by another Zester. Your success score won’t be affected, no worries 🙂

Don’t worry, it happens to the best lemons out there.

Keep on pushing hard, the community can feel your waves!

Feel free to ask about your contributions, I am here to help:)

Have a smashing yellow day,

17. Nurturing – User is thanking a fellow content contributor [+GitHub]

Subject Line: Karolis appreciates your content


Hey Mark,

The content you shared on Zest, Breaking Down Customer Obsession in Business, helped Karolis Vanagas become more knowledgeable so they wanted to say thanks.

Keep sharing your best marketing content on Zest and be sure to check the Contributors Lemonboard to see if you made it to the top!

Lots of thanks,

P.S. You can thank other contributors on the Zest mobile app, too!

18. Nurturing – User is Content Contributor of the week [+GitHub]

Subject Line: you’re a legend


Heya Idan,

Can you feel it?
You are standing on the yellow podium as a Zest Top Contributor of the week!

It took 4 accepted suggestions and 1 awesome Zester (you) to make it happen!

Share the news with your friends, you legend!

Linkedin Twitter Facebook

Since the content you’ve created and contributed to Zest is perfect for Zesters, I was wondering if you’d like to be featured on the Zest blog.

Here is the idea 💡

Because Zest is about creating and sharing pro-level content, it would be terrific to learn more about how you create unique, high-quality content that surfaces above the information overload noise.

Keep winning,

19. Nurturing – Engaging a struggling content contributor [+GitHub]

Subject Line: you + the tribe


Hey Karolis,

Your amazing content contributions made it through Zest’s quality screening.

Only 7% of total suggestions do that.

Luckily, the Zest tribe knows where the best content goldmines are. Would you join them in contributing content from these successful blogs?

Link to blogs

Help fellow marketers learn by contributing your content finds here.

You make me proud to be part of this tribe;)

Lemony best,

20. Nurturing – User got 20 clicks on their contributed content [+GitHub]

Subject Line: tweniversary!


Hope you are doing well, Frank,

You just turned 20!

I mean, one of your content contributions “Intercom vs Drift vs Zendesk Marketing Strategies” just hit the 20 click mark, aaaaand we are just so happy for you!

It’s time to give you something back as your third contribution is now LIVE on Zest;)

While you are hot, I’d suggest to either:

  1. Promote this blockbuster by replying to me
  2. Contribute another piece of valuable content

Stay yellowsome,

21. Drip email nurturing sequence – User’s content contribution is live (1st time) [+GitHub]

Subject Line: you’re on Zest!


Hey Ben,


Your very first contribution “Breaking Down Customer Obsession In Business” is now LIVE on Zest!!!

Alt Text

The Zesteam is taking this precious moment to celebrate and pop champagne limoncello bottles for you too 🙂

You can always boost this beauty to get more exposure

Can’t wait to see more of your knowledge on the content stream!

Stay awesome,

Banner ad: Your boosted content will get 10x more clicks [Get it here]

22. Drip email nurturing sequence – User’s content contribution is live (2nd time) [+GitHub]

Subject Line: Again! You’re on Zest again!!


Hey Yam,

I’m shocked but I must say that I believed in you since you scored it the first time 😉

Your contribution “Breaking Down Customer Obsession In Business” is now LIVE on Zest! AGAIN!!!

Give it a boost here to get 10x more exposure

Keep killing it 👊

Yellow love,

23. Drip email nurturing sequence – User’s content contribution is live (3rd time) [+GitHub]

Subject Line: hat trick


Hey Ben,

You just keep surprising us, don’t you?

It’s time to give you something back as your third contribution Product Design – Expectation vs Reality is now LIVE on Zest;)

[GIF of a slam dunk]

In fact, some highly accredited contributors can boost their content for $40 to get 120 clicks (usually $85). I think at this point you qualify above & beyond 🙂

Reply to me if you’re up for it!

Stay awesome,

Mini Drip Sequence – Chrome New Tab Extension Users

24. Day 0 – Welcome [+GitHub]

Subject Line: make yourself at home 🍋


Heeey Karolis,

Make yourself at home, ‘cause you’re among fellow Zesters now.

You had enough of fluff marketing content and so did we.

So, the absofreakinlutely BEST thing you could do now is go ahead and suggest some in-depth marketing content you think the rest of the tribe should see.

Good lemony vibes,

25. Day 1 – Activity encouragement – Contribute content [+GitHub]

Subject Line: you here -> 💗


Hey Ben, 👋

The content you see on Zest is suggested by contributors, the beating heart of this tribe.

They earn the appreciation of the entire community for taking a minute to share knowledge-building content.

And I know one cool Ben who is a peeerfect fit for this 😉

You can help fellow marketers learn by doing this:

  1. Open this pre-selected “training” blog >> Link
  2. Select any content and copy the link URL
  3. Paste the link here and press ‘Suggest Content’
Alt Text

You will receive an instant status update on your app 🙂

Can’t wait to see you among the greats! 🥇

Keep winning,

26. Day 4 – Product benefit – Use the Search function [+GitHub]

Subject Line: you are loved


Hey Ben,

I see that the tribe is so proud of you! You’ve been amazing this week.

In fact, you are 95% equipped to take your marketing knowledge to a new level. To fully take off, knock on knowledge’s door by searching for what you need the most.

Tap on a popular search query for eCommerce to start:

Dropshipping, Shopify

Can’t help but smile to see you grow 😉

Tons of lemon love,

27. Day 9 – Product feedback – Ask user for their thoughts about their experience [+GitHub]

Subject Line: it’s even better


Hey Jesse,

Love what you did on Zest last week, I really do.

I actually wanted to hear your thoughts & feelings about your experience. Can I ask you what you like/dislike the most about Zest so far?

It will help me build a better experience for you and other Zesters like yourself. Let me know 🙂


Mobile App Emails

28. Download app via link [+GitHub]

Subject Line: zest app download



I am so. darn. glad. you’re joining Zest 🧠💡

To kickstart your enlightening journey:

Tons of lemon love,

29. Approval – Mobile app user plan’s set up confirmation [+GitHub]

Subject Line: your growth plan


Heya Karolis,

So happy you’re joining Zest:)

Here are the details of your personalized learning path:

  • 6 pieces of content
  • 4 marketing tags
  • Delivered at 8:00, 7 days a week

Also, follow Ben Salomon to improve your Content Match percentage faster, as there’s a 97% interest match between you two! Plus, you’ll get to meet new people 😉

You’ll find more smart marketers to follow in the App 👊

Stay awesome,

Churn Users and Referral

30. Ask feedback from a churned user [+GitHub]

Subject Line: while you were here


Hey Ben,

It was great to have you with us.

Now that you aren’t, there’s a feeling of emptiness in the tribe and everyone can feel it. But I wanted to know about your feelings.

What happened that made you stop using Zest?

I’m sure your answer will help me improve the product experience for other members like yourself.

Let me know 🙂


31. Refer a colleague [+GitHub]

Subject Line: John wants you to join Zest


Hey Ben,

John Smith would like you to join Zest – a place for marketers to discover pro marketing content.

With us, you’ll be able to select marketing skills you want to improve and enjoy yourself to a stream of community moderated content.

Accept John’s Invitation

Erik Haribson

CMO, Aweber

"Zest is quickly becoming the #1 channel in our GA"