Ex-student, turned self-learner [#MyOnlyCareerPlan]

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Karolis's My Only Career plan: Beta Invite


Ex-student, turned self-learner [#MyOnlyCareerPlan]

We are mid-way through Zest Enlight’s closed beta. This is by far the biggest closed beta we’ve ever had and we’re inviting up to 3k beta helpers from the marketing, EdTech, product and HR industries to participate.

Zest Enlight represents a product-based solution to a problem I’ve faced many times ever since I quit University.

That problem was finding quality knowledge-building content to advance my skills in a format that met my needs.

I thought hard about how I could portray my past career choices in a nutshell. I’ve only been in the industry for 1.5 years, so it’s a headline-long story. But whatever angle I try to take, I keep thinking about how I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for the sheer determination to learn on my own.

I just recently left University so it feels like it was yesterday. It was a year-long bitter relationship that I’d rather not look back on. Attending University required a lot of time and attention, felt slow, uneducative and irrelevant to what I wanted as a professional.

To fill you in a bit, I started University pursuing a BA in marketing back in October 2017; I joined Zest one month later as an intern, and quit my studies in November of 2018.

Fast, right? Well, after quitting University, the main problem I encountered was…

It’s hard to find sources to determine what you need to learn

There’s plenty of sources out there, too many in fact. As Yam, our CEO has stated in his personal article:

“More than ever before, professionals have access to quality, knowledge building content. But finding that content–choosing which content to invest their time in consuming–is a nearly impossible task.”

As an ex-student who is a novice in the industry, this tsunami of content really takes the wind out of you. I had spent the last year learning heavily about marketing, just to find out that the things I had consumed were mostly irrelevant to me and, by the time I encountered them, I’d already forgotten what I had learned.

I still get around

I failed to kickstart my marketing career the way I wanted to by learning from poor sources, bad content went in and didn’t help me much.

But, there are a few things that have finally helped me get back up on the right track.

For one, I dropped all detailed, highly-niche content about marketing or any topic whatsoever. That content looks really interesting. But as someone new to the industry, most of the time I’d be better off reading something from a zoomed out point of view. Zoomed in content raises more questions than answers and unless I replicate the actions for my own, I’ll most likely forget it.

Second, and this is the main thing, I installed Zest. It’s the sole reason I got hooked on marketing, found myself among so many self-learners and kicked off my career.

What’s great about Zest is that it is made up of a community of high-tier marketers who hand-select the content you need for you. That saves you from swimming in a sea of articles that waste your time.

And now, Zest is taking this help for self-learners a huge step forward.

Zest is developing a mobile app called Zest Enlight, which essentially is super-high quality marketing content, handpicked by C-level executive marketers and personalized to your needs by artificial intelligence.

The best thing about it? If you enroll until April 30th, 2019, it’s free forever. With all the bells and whistles.

Update: There’s still time to join the closed beta.
Sign up for Zest Enlight before June 11, 2019, and get 3 months free.


My only career plan as a junior now includes just two key elements: learning broad, high-level stuff and supporting my daily/weekly work by diving deep into Zest’s content to learn from the best. And boy, compared to University, does this approach make a difference. I am building-knowledge at record speed by learning in short micro-bursts and then instantly applying what I’ve learned.

Care to see what self-learning can do for your career? Sign up for Zest Enlight and join the tribe.