How I reduced the time it took me to find the marketing content I need

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Marketing professional Fike Komala writing about her experience using


How I reduced the time it took me to find the marketing content I need

How do you find quality content on the Internet? Do you still trust Google to find it for you? 

On alone, over 4.4 million blog posts are published per day and 60 to 70 million posts are published per month. There’s content everywhere, but it’s hard to find quality content. Most of the time, the content you find on the first page of Google is sponsored or written by a source with low credibility. 

Now, imagine being a part of a community that builds a library of curated content from all over the Internet. Unlike Google, only quality content will get to be in this library. 

Zest is that online library. 

I found Zest through Product Hunt a few days before October 11, 2019. Since then, I’ve been using Zest almost every day. I keep Zest as my new tab page so that when I start my day, it is the first thing I see. 

Why I love Zest

So, what does Zest have that successfully converted me into one of its loyal users?

You’ll discover hidden gems

Sometimes, there are less-known people with golden answers that don’t make it to the first page of Google’s search results. We only discover their content if we have a specific connection or spend hours of digging. 

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Or, we could just discover it on Zest. 

On Zest, you get a stream of curated content from the community, tailored to your interests. I try to read 5 articles from my stream every day. Trust me, it’s a great way to start your workday. I’ve found interesting people, new websites, and new tools from this habit. It’s how I search for inspiration.

The Zest homepage with customized content selections tailored to Fike Komala's interests.
My Zest homepage

So far, from Zest I’ve discovered Steph Smith and Andreea Serb. They may not be names that everyone in the industry recognizes, but they’re professional marketers and they write really well. They’ve easily become my role models for tech industry/startup/remote work. 

Perfect for lifelong learners

After I graduated from college, I promised myself that I wouldn’t stop learning. This includes trying new things, picking up new skills, reading books, and learning from the Internet. If you’re like me and the rest of the Zest community, you’ll love Zest. 

Treat Zest as your ever-growing library for professional growth. 

You can also contribute

Besides consuming content, you can also suggest it. At Zest, from day one, you can submit content (articles, videos, podcasts) you think people must see. Your submissions are assessed by Zest’s AI and moderators to determine whether they’re zesty or not

Zest content suggestion panel. Contribute content to Zest.
Zesters are welcome to share their favorite marketing content with the tribe

I’m subscribed to a lot of newsletters on the web and browse Google News occasionally. Sometimes, I come across really good content that I can’t help but share. I suggest it on Zest. (Only 71% of my suggested content actually gets accepted and published!)

The team knows you personally

In my first tweet about Zest, I also mentioned Zest’s Twitter account. Then Zest and its team members liked my tweet, some even replied to it and followed me. I felt welcomed and special, and I instantly could sense the friendliness in the community (which was initiated by the team).

One day, after a few months on the platform, I noticed that some people had short descriptions on their profiles. 

Joshua Barney's professional marketer profile on
Nice lookin’ profile, Josh!

I thought, “that’s nice.” I wanted it for my profile too!

I tried searching everywhere for the setting. On the Chrome extension app, on the mobile app. But I found nothing. So I reached out to the Zest team on their Facebook group, asking how I could get that profile description. 

Karolis Vanagas, Zest’s Product Manager, replied to my comment in minutes.

Screen grab of text conversation between Fike and Zest's product manager Karolis Vanagas

"I'd like to change my description, is it possible?"
"Most definitely :) Mind if I DM you both for the details? It shouldn't take more than a few min to change"
Karolis to the rescue!

My wish was granted. My problem solved. I have my profile description now. Karolis and I became friends on Facebook and also connected on LinkedIn. 

Ascencia Fike (Komala's) updated profile image on Zest. 
Affiliate Specialist at Ninja Forms / Remote Work Advocate)
My Zesty profile

Most recently, I was contacted by a member of the Zest team and invited to write this guest post. He congratulated me on being the Zest Top Contributor of the Month and asked if I would like to be featured on the Zest blog. Because it was right before the holidays, we even exchanged a few words about how we’d spend our holidays, how we celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah.

See? Every contact with Zest is handled by a person from the team with extra care and attention. I learned a lot from them. 

How I use Zest

I’m part of the Communications team at Saturday Drive, the company behind Ninja Forms and Caldera Forms. We work in cycles (as described in this Shape Up method by Basecamp)–six weeks of working on projects, and two weeks of cooldown. Before the start of the six-weeks cycle, we submit pitches about the projects we want to work on. 

How does Zest fit in this cycle?

Search for inspiration

Like I said earlier,  almost every day I read 5 pieces from Zest. I do this to keep up with the industry, learn new things, and search for inspiration. I note concepts or ideas that I find interesting in my Notion notebook. If it’s interesting enough and applicable for the Communications team, I add it to my Potential Pitches folder (in Notion, too). 

Image of Fike's Notion entries about Zest content she likes.
Keeping track of my favorite ideas in Notion

Dig deep into a topic

When I need to write a pitch, I just open the Potential Pitches folder and choose from the ideas I have there. I have the link to the related article, which is usually in-depth enough that I don’t need a lot of other resources. If I do need more information, I search for it in the Zest library.

Image of's search bar
Type your query and search the full Zest content database

How do you use Zest?

Zest has changed how I consume content. I no longer have to sift through bad content to find what I need. I have all of the good ones ready on my Zest dashboard. 

What about you? Let me know how you use Zest in the comment below 🙂