Zesting up: How you and 6,000 other people are helping shape Zest Enlight a week before launch

All Product June 4, 2019


Zesting up: How you and 6,000 other people are helping shape Zest Enlight a week before launch

20 days into beta testing and 3 update releases later, Zest Enlight is in the photo finish for launch. In these 20 days, we received around 230 pieces of feedback from beta helpers, spread across several communication channels including:

And Karolis continues to collect the feedback from the Typeform survey. (There’s still time for you to complete it!)

If you want to be featured along with 30+ other beta helpers in a massive blog post about your Zest Enlight experience and on Zest’s Product Hunt page on June 11, message me at katarina@zest.is (join the fun and you will even get your own Zestee).

The feedback collected thus far has been distilled and absorbed by Idan and the product team as they prepare for next week’s launch. It will also help the entire Zesteam plan our product roadmap for the upcoming months.

Here’s a list of some of the cool community generated improvements implemented so far:

  • *drum roll* LinkedIn Connect option
  • Twitter Connect option (Android only for now, but soon to be on iOS)
  • The content matching algorithm is improved. Your Enlight content should be even better matched to your needs than before.
  • For those of you who chose to take the weekend off from Enlight and then woke up on Saturday wondering where your content was, we added a reminder. Enlight will now tell you if you are planning to study over the weekend or not.
  • You now have the ability to change when your work week starts: Sunday or Monday (hello, Israel crew).
  • That long list of tags you get to choose from while onboarding has been reformatted. The new layout is much easier to skim and choose from.
  • We fixed that purple divider in the Stream, no more wondering what the great divide was about.

Today we rolled out a new update for both iOS and Android and it includes:

  • A fix to the  onboarding popup bug
  • Improved login responsiveness (it should now be an even smoother ride)
  • A payment system (because, well, we’re a week away from coming out of the beta, and it was time to get ready)

Previous updates to the app included fixes to a few troublesome bugs that the Zest tribe told us about and a few special tweaks. Here’s are a few of the highlights.

  • Added Back and Close buttons in the onboarding
  • Improved deeplinking, allowing push notifications to now always lead to relevant screens
  • Fixed Like/Dislike buttons: When you open a piece of content from the Enlight Stream, the like and dislike buttons in the lower right corner should now work properly (major help for tailoring how you want your Enlight screen to look)
  • Those long article titles should now stay in their place and not try to cover your buttons
  • Fixed that % completion bug
  • Repaired the logout error that was triggering new onboarding sessions for existing users

Also, Idan took care of some iOS-specific issues that will bother us no more:

  • Now all screen resolutions are able to see the CTA button through all the steps of the onboarding.
  • The issue with some Enlight feeds not refreshing daily got fixed.
  • The notifications time bug was eliminated

With their input, the Zest tribe proved once again the brilliance that drives this self-learning revolution. Can’t wait to see you Enlight on June 11 on Product Hunt. 😸