Releasing the Fastest Shortcut to Find all Your Files

Product August 12, 2020
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Releasing the Fastest Shortcut to Find all Your Files

All your information sources on-hand, one keyboard shortcut away

About two months ago we announced Zest’s second phase: A new product, called Zest Assistant, with a clear mission: to make information accessible across any tool, time, and team.

We onboarded a few hundred Zesters and are now releasing its next evolution. 

While the first feature of the product uses AI to proactively deliver information/knowledge to employees at the exact moment they need it, the second part of the product is to always have a single place handy to find the information employees need.

Why? Because part of the problem is that we have so much information stored in so many different places (think Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, GitHub, etc…). It’s painful and time consuming to switch apps in order to (eventually) find what we need.

With this in mind, we’re excited to announce the second part of Zest Assistant solving this: The Information Finder Sidebar.

Once connecting your knowledge bases and information sources, all your files will be on-hand,
with one keyboard shortcut.

Imagine a sidebar that can be accessed at any time.
No matter what app or website you’re on.

In a matter of a keyboard shortcut, you’ll have access to all the information you need, integrated, and organized using AI to maximize relevancy from all your knowledge bases.

Below is a sneak peek into what it looks like.

You can request access to Zest Assistant here.

Here are three core features of The Information Finder Sidebar:

One Unified Search Bar to Quickly Find The Files You Need

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Wherever you are on the web, simply tap  ⇧ + ⌘ + E (Ctrl + Shift + E for Windows) to open the sidebar and search for whatever file you need. No need to search in multiple tools, no more app-switching, no need to interrupt your workflow.

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Files You Need Automagically Recommended When Needed

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Zest Assistant’s AI will recommend the files you didn’t even know you need exactly when you need it. Never leave the tab you’re on. Never ask someone where something is saved.

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Recently Searched, Saved, and Used Files In One Centralized Place

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All your most valuable files, in one handy and easy-to-access place. Save time looking for what you need by having it organized and by your side at all times.

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The Information Finder Sidebar is one important milestone towards a complete solution to fight information overload and a lack of productivity in workplaces.

With this new feature addition, we see Zest as the optimal solution for individuals and teams in the new distributed era of the workforce.

Zest Assistant is now more revamped than ever and we want to onboard hundreds of more users and Zesters.

To Request Access to Zest Assistant, click here.