Zest Enlight Community Helpers Brief: Share Your Self-learning Story

All Top Content April 4, 2019
Hero template for helpers in zest enlight beta


Zest Enlight Community Helpers Brief: Share Your Self-learning Story

Join the community-based “My Only Career Plan” campaign to spread the word for
Zest Enlight Closed Beta Invite

Updated April 30, 2019

MASSIVE THANKS for being a part of Zest’s next great lemony evolution: The launch of Zest Enlight’s closed beta and the rise of the self-learners movement!

austin powers ily GIF by i-love-you

This is the biggest beta project we’ve ever launched and will involve over 2k beta helpers.

How can you spread the word as part of the “My Only Career Plan” campaign?

  • Post about the campaign on social media using the hashtag #MyOnlyCareerPlan
  • Write a short My Only Career Plan blog article or Medium post

Sample outline for writing “My Only Career Plan” post

  1. Opening
    • Context: In a few words, explain why you’re writing this article, share a little of your career’s path so far
  2. Main body
    • Professional development and self-learning: How do you gain the knowledge you need to advance your career?
  3. Closing
    • Why you’re joining the Zest Enlight beta: Is it the chance to be one of the first to see the app in action? Yam’s winning smile? Or is it because you can’t wait to start building your knowledge in the flow to accelerate your professional development?
    • Don’t forget to link your readers to the closed beta sign up page!

We’re ready to create a personalized hero image for you (see Yam’s hero image below) and apply our editorial skills to polish up your articles and social posts. ✏

When should you post?

This campaign kicked off on April 10 and will continue through June 11. So anytime between those dates would be great😊

What is Zest Enlight?

Zest Enlight is the mobile and pro version of Zest with deeper tech and premium features.

It combines community curation and AI to make professional development almost effortless for marketers.

Why is this campaign called “My Only Career Plan”?

As self-learners, we know that there is no stable career path. We take initiative and seek new opportunities to learn and upskill our talent. 💪

That’s why our only career plan is to keep learning.

Why is “My Only Career Plan” a community-wide campaign?

The self-learning journey doesn’t have to be made alone.

Finding reliable, knowledge-building content to support your career path is much easier when you have a tribe of peers who share the same goal of self-improvement.

Zest Enlight is tribal self-learning and the Zest community is its foundation.

What’s in it for Zest Enlight’s beta helpers? 

Three-months free:  Closed beta participants who sign up between May 1 and June 11, 2019, including the ones you tell, will receive Zest Enlight free for three months.

Email me at tonya@zest.is for anything you need.

PS. If you need a little inspiration to get you started, here’s a link to Yam’s “My Only Career Plan” draft. Yam went into a lot of detail, but you can be briefer if you want to.

PPS. You can also see his personalized hero image there too. We will create the same for you.