Our team members’ professional growth challenge was solved by using Zest

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Our team members’ professional growth challenge was solved by using Zest

It didn’t take long for marketing managers to realize that there’s no place where they can read business-related books and browse the internet peacefully. Instead, they have to catch rare moments in their busy schedule to get the latest updates in the niche. 

However, things can become much more complicated when you’re in a SaaS industry like we are here in Vacation Tracker. Technology changes so fast, and we’re grasping for the air to enable our customers frictionless service. What’s important: competition is catching up on us pretty quickly, and if we want to remain on solid grounds, we have to keep up the pace and be one step ahead of them.

That’s why discovering Zest was such a revelation! If somebody told us before that we would be able to gather all the information we need for professional (and personal) growth in one place, we wouldn’t have believed it! However, here it was, hiding in the form of a simple Chrome extension.

Why we love Zest and how it functions

Zest is a simple yet powerful tool that brings like-minded marketers together. If we tried to describe to someone who had never seen nor heard of it, we would say it pretty much resembles Pinterest. Just that topics are aimed towards marketing experts, helping them share, recommend, and discover interesting content. Zest actually helps marketing managers improve their knowledge and find the out-of-the-box ideas to use in their marketing strategy. 

It functions like a starting page tool that offers to its users guided, organized, and well-sorted contend based on their pre-defined preferences. What’s more, this tool offers the possibility of suggesting content yourself. 

Marketers can decide to share their opinion on the platform as well! And given that each submission is reviewed for quality and relevancy, you’re guaranteed to read only the top-notch content.

How Vacation Tracker’s team uses Zest for marketing purposes

In a SaaS industry, User Acquisition is a very important term because it enables our product to grow and survive. The truth is very simple: the more people hear about and try our product, our chances of surviving the harsh market are greater. And that’s where Zest comes in. By offering us the possibility of publishing our own content, we have a chance of reaching our targeted audience. Many people who have never heard of our product before, have the chance to get familiar with it via our blog posts. Furthermore, comments our each marketing manager makes on each article published on this platform boost our visibility too.

Zest is an awesome user acquisition tool that can also help in raising brand awareness.

Another area where Zest has proved to be beneficial for our marketing managers is in building a content marketing and content strategy for our blog. 

Like every startup, the Vacation Tracker team has to be wary of budget and its limitations. That’s why we prefer to build our presence using organic search, instead of paid advertisements. Content is the king, and we are well aware we have to invest our efforts into building engaging content to attract new customers and stay on top of Google’s search engine results. However, finding relevant, unique, and interesting topics is not as easy as it sounds. And that’s where Zest comes in: it offers us a great starting point when it comes to topic research and provide us with the inspiration for our current and further blog posts.

When it comes to social media channels, we use the tips we get from Zest’s platform to build a more solid and engaging community.

We’re in a narrow niche, and B2B marketing makes it especially hard to reach new customers. Advertising across social media channels has to be specific and properly targeted. Focusing our content on professionals working in a modern-day office where remote work is a “thing” while sharing useful tips helps us gain new users. All of that would be less manageable if we didn’t use input from relevant people within the niche: something Zest helped us find out.

Furthermore, by reading insightful content from our colleagues across the platform enabled us to stay in touch when it comes to finding new platforms where we can be present. Also, sharing opinions with like-minded people enabled us to gain new contacts and proved to us that networking is achievable at more than just live events.

Zest is great for link-building purposes too! We can exactly pinpoint who are the relevant sources that share similar topics and interests with us, and we can easily target them to gain new outreach opportunities.

After what we did on the Zest platform, we can say one thing.

And the conclusion would be that it is definitely worth trying. Besides arming your marketing managers with knowledge, this platform can offer you insight into different ways of how to position your brand and market your products without spending a single dime. Furthermore, it can give you valuable contacts you can use while building your network. It works; you only need to figure out how to use it to your advantage!