Announcing: Become a Premium Contributor

News July 9, 2020
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Announcing: Become a Premium Contributor

It always excites me to open our platform a little bit more to our Zesters, showing them how things work here and giving them a piece of the action while helping them grow their brands.

A while back, we launched one of our most successful paid closed pilots: We let a few dozen Super Zesters become premium members and enjoy supreme privileges on Zest.

The Zesters we picked for this paid pilot were active on Zest for over 6 months, contributed dozens of their own created content as well as content they found on the web each month, and their Success Score (i.e. Approved Content divided by Contributed Content) was higher than 80%.

Their extra effort and success on Zest led us to think that they deserve much more.

In order to mutually commit to each other, we created a win-win paid monthly subscription plan that bound them with Zest.

Now, 6 months after we launched this paid plan, we see that 93% of the Zesters who pay the monthly subscription payment of $65/month are still with us and are excitingly happy with what they get.

What are Premium Contributors and how can you join them 

Premium Contributors are a community of super Zest supporters and content contributors.

They are marketers who produce a lot of high-quality, in-depth content that helps other marketers do their job better.

We select them with tweezers and rely on their past activity on Zest to determine who can become a Premium Contributor: They need to contribute more than 20 articles/month and their Success Rate should be higher than 80%.

You can apply to become a Premium Contributor. Please note that we manually select Premium Contributors and we only allow 35 new Premium members each month.

Selection is based on your extensive activity on Zest and the level of trust, credibility, and authority you have on Social Media.

We closely monitor their activity to make sure that their contributed content is always aligned with Zest’s content guidelines and that it is Zest-worthy.

Premium Contributors pay $65/month to get the following privileges on Zest:

  1. 100% content approval 
  2. 24-hour publish time 
  3. Content Boost included per submission (Self-serve)
  4. Premium Contributor Badge 
  5. Add “Premium Contributor at Zest” to your LinkedIn title

1. 100% content approval 

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Premium Contributors get ALL their contributed content approved. Zest’s screening algos still classify and distill their contributed content, and analyze the activity and added-value retrospectively once it’s been consumed by other Zesters.

But yes, they get 100% of their contributed content approved and published on Zest

You can apply to become a Premium Contributor here

2. 24-hour publish time 

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Premium Contributors’ content does not have to wait in the publishing queue. It is pushed a  few hours after being submitted. That’s immediate exposure and something that many Premium Contributors told us they like because sometimes their content is time-sensitive and related to a launch.

You can apply to become a Premium Contributor here

3. Content Boost included per submission (Self-serve)

Screenshot of Zest's self-serve campaign dashboard

Premium Zesters can Boost each of their contributed content once. This helps them double their content reach and engagement. 

They do so from a dedicated dashboard in which they also have more stats, data, and control over their contributed content. 

You can apply to become a Premium Contributor here

4. Premium Contributor badge 

Example of a user that has the Zest Premium Contributor Badge on their account

The badge makes the Premium Contributors profile distinguished and prominent. This helps to increase the number of clicks that their content gets.

You can apply to become a Premium Contributor here

5. Add “Premium Contributor at Zest” to your LinkedIn title

Screenshot example of adding a LinkedIn title of "Premium Contributor at Zest"

We are creating a community of super-Zesters and showing it to the world is part of the overall effort.

Adding this title to your LinkedIn profile should help you increase your LinkedIn profile authority and exposure.

You can apply to become a Premium Contributor here

Premium Zesters help the Zesteam navigate the platform to success

Contributors were and always will be the beating heart of Zest.

Having this vast community of Zesters who function as the first touchpoint of what content gets into Zest is what differentiates Zest from other content curation platforms. This is what makes our proposition so unique and appealing to organizations that use Zest as an internal professional knowledge base.

We are thrilled about this move and happy to welcome more Zesters to be a part of the Premium Contributor initiative.

And I really want to take this opportunity and send a huge yellow thank you to a few prominent Premium Contributors:

Your constant flow of feedback and support is the essence of the energies that keep our lemony engines squeezing.