Releasing Zest Assistant: AI-based Knowledge Delivery and the Future of Work

News Product June 9, 2020
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Releasing Zest Assistant: AI-based Knowledge Delivery and the Future of Work

We’re excited to officially launch Zest’s second phase with a new product that will make business information accessible across any tool, time, and team.

During our first stage, we built a community of tens of thousands of professionals and trained our machine learning algorithms on how these experts consume content as well as how teams deal with knowledge. We now have over 200,000 distilled pieces of actionable information including articles, podcasts, and videos that were shared through the community. 

To help organizations adapt to new knowledge demands, we’re making business information accessible across any tool, time, and team by launching Zest Assistant. You can request access to Zest Assistant beta here.

We built a robust assistant to select business knowledge and information from Zest’s repository and your own knowledge base and prompt these findings on the tool your team is using.

In a nutshell, our technology empowers knowledge workers by providing the information they need to complete their daily tasks without switching the apps they already work with. 

By unifying internal knowledge sources and Zest’s external community knowledge source, we eliminate endless rabbit holes of searching for information. 

And through that, 20% of the knowledge worker’s day has now gone from searching to producing.

1 billion knowledge workers are face-to-face with scattered information

Today, there are more than 1 billion knowledge workers fueling the economy. But many of them have to deal with disorganized information and a lack of company-wide access to knowledge. 

Seeking information shouldn’t take up their entire attention. The real purpose of knowledge workers is focused on their work: creative thinking, problem-solving, and innovation.

The COVID-19 situation changed our realities and accelerated everything from digital transformation and remote work to team communication. Whether your organization was forced to go remote or had to rush new workflows, there are three key issues we’re all faced with:

  1. Knowledge is scattered around the organization
  2. Knowledge and data sharing became more challenging and the casual but informative talks among team members are now scarce
  3. The knowledge gaps within the team and across departments are escalating

Productivity is decreasing as teams are losing time searching for knowledge and data while misalignment is tearing organizations apart.

Companies invest $800 billion annually on inefficient knowledge management solutions

Businesses spend billions annually on organizational knowledge management. Despite this, their internal knowledge storages are fractured and, in some cases, obsolete. 

This is the leading cause of isolated decision-making, which generates productivity and profit loss due to the misalignment of information, goals, and project status updates.

Employees lose at least 5 hours every week, waiting for information

60% of employees find it “difficult, very difficult, or nearly impossible” to obtain the information they need. Some waste 5 or more hours every single week just waiting to get access to accurate organizational knowledge. 

In another recent survey, 61% of knowledge workers said that searching for the information they need to do their jobs is difficult. 

Wasted time leads to less engaged and less productive employees. Not to mention that seeking external information is costly and inefficient. When so much depends on finding and using information, its quality is crucial for a project’s success. 

This is especially true for my own work as an engineer. A single bad line of input can trigger a cascade of bad outcomes. When businesses and workers craft strategies and design products together, bad content is a dangerous contaminant. Often, what a search engine query displays is not the best answer to a question. It’s solely the most popular or “bot-friendly.” 

The way we’ve been taught to consume information is suited for a world that no longer exists

We‘re so invested in the way things used to be that we failed to change HOW we manage our information. 

Zest is innovating the way information is consumed, bringing valuable resources to your team members wherever they’re working, without wasting their time.

We are unifying your organization’s data sources and using AI to predict what information is needed so you can make non-isolated decisions and complete tasks faster.

Instead of knowledge workers searching for information, the information should come to them

Our mission is to make business knowledge and information accessible to knowledge workers across any tool, time, and team.

With Zest Assistant, workers don’t have to interrupt their activity to look for information like external articles or documents within the organization’s knowledge base. Instead, the tool uses AI to predict what information team members will need and delivers it directly to them in a matter of seconds. 

Zest Assistant – Proactively delivers information from wherever it’s saved to help you complete tasks faster, on whatever tool you use

Hand drawing outlining the backend engine of how Zest Assistant works
Illustration of how Zest Assistant works in the back-end

Zest Assistant is information silos’ worst enemy: The tool will show employees that sharing their work knowledge is vital on two fronts. Once for the organization, but also for their own work by keeping challenges at bay.

Having all knowledge in one place helps leaders make informed decisions that are based on organization-wide data. This way, your marketing team will know exactly what’s happening on the sales or customer support side, creating campaigns that include all aspects of your business. 

A single source of knowledge to increase team productivity through proactively matching business information with each created task and email.

This tool will transform the way teams kick off their daily tasks by bringing them the knowledge they need faster and aligning it to every team’s requirements:

  • Unify internal sources into a single source of truth: Eliminate endless rabbit holes of searching for information and reallocate 20% of your day from searching to producing
  • Integrate external community knowledge sources: Seamlessly integrate the wisdom of Zest’s professional communities into your daily workflow. Discover crucial information you don’t know, without leaving your working app
  • Nurture current tools and stop app switching: Keep your task management systems, communication platforms, and internal wikis as they are. Master them and we’ll bring the information you need there, with secure and smooth integrations

Zest Assistant uses two main sources to ensure that every employee relies on accurate and up-to-date information: 

  1. A business’s internal knowledge base, from document management systems to internal wikis
  2. An external knowledge repository powered by community-curated and AI-approved content 

Here’s a demo of what it looks like in action. When writing an email or task, you’ll instantly receive a suggestion of relevant content from the above-mentioned sources:

GIF demo of how Zest Assistant understands what you are working on and gives you relevant content within the tools you already use, like Gmail and Trello from this example
Demo of how Zest Assistant provides valuable information within the tools you already use

We’re first launching the Zest Assistant for Gmail but will expand to Asana,, and Jira in the next months.

Businesses will be able to: 

  • Keep their teams focused
  • Align their internal communication
  • Close the knowledge gaps in their organization
  • Improve their team’s professional development

With Zest Assistant, knowledge workers can focus their attention on the tasks only they can deliver.

Backed by data from 50,000 marketers and dozens of SaaS brands

Zest Assistant is the fruit of 197,253 lines of code and an in-depth analysis of how senior marketers consume information, share knowledge, and hit their KPIs.

We built a content repository of 200K articles/podcasts/videos, powered by a community of 50,000 professionals. 

We then launched a closed beta product which was the prototype for Zest Assistant.

I’d like to personally thank the supportive individuals in some of the companies who were part of the Zest for Teams pilot:

  1. Daneli Sharaby, Head of Global Brand Marketing @Gett
  2. Lisa Bennett, Vice President of Marketing @Kaltura 
  3. Tamir Jerby, VP Growth, and Moran Treiser, Head of Growth Development @Lemonade

Feedback showed us that creating another type of feed where knowledge, information, and data are shared is not what top professionals are looking for. They need all this to come to them through the tools they already use. 

To automate their knowledge search efforts, we also mapped and classified Zest Assistant’s algorithms to:

  • Detect the difference between content and actionable information
  • Understand how marketers consume and use actionable information
  • Predict what and when we should show these within the tools marketers use on a daily basis

Zest Assistant will be available on the top tools every professional uses

Gmail,, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Atlassian products are where work is happening today.

1 billion knowledge workers use these or other similar tools. Our mission is to ensure we seamlessly integrate with these platforms, making information fluent across different teams and timezones.

You can now officially request access to the Zest Assistant.

Tell your team, tell your colleagues, and tell your friends. 

The future of knowledge work is here – Time to break free from the information overload age  

Our decisions depend on how well we’re able to select information and process it into knowledge. 

While information is organized data that someone has processed, knowledge remains the core behind our organization’s progress. It’s what keeps businesses thriving, learning, and productive. 

Making information accessible without wasting time can only bring growth and profit.

Zest Assistant has set out to eliminate information silos so the organization’s silo mentality will no longer cost you time and money.

See you in the future!