The Discussions Zone | Zest 1.6.0

All Product November 5, 2019


The Discussions Zone | Zest 1.6.0

As yellow tribal self-learners, we all want to connect and learn from each other.

Now, you have a way to meet other Zesters as the mobile platform now allows you to directly engage with your peers’ takeaways and content insights.

Here’s how you can do it:

Discussion Page

Generate or participate in experts’ discussions about each content piece. No fluffy stuff, just actionable takeaways that you can add to your workflows immediately.

How: share any article from your Zest mobile app to generate a discussion.

See an example

Improved Sharing

Share content with your added insight and we will design your takeaway to a dedicated discussion page for peers to learn.

Activity Feed

Learning from others is not only cool but very effective. Now you can see what content your followers/followings are interested in.

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Re-designing Contributing

When you contribute your content, you now can add your own takeaways and quotes to help other Zesters learn faster.

Podcast PlayerBETA

I discussed it with many users and am SO happy to share that now we all can listen to podcasts directly on Zest.

Got a podcast to share? Email me to join the beta

Profile Updates

Update your profile picture to look more credible/cool/groovy/hip (whatever 🙂 ) among professionals and see who your followers are.

Contributors Advisory Board 

Yam is creating a Contributors Advisory Board. These good lemons will help navigate the product so it will be more Contributors-first. 

The participants will get more exposure for their content and other personal brand growth opportunities.

Email Yam or join our Slack Group if you want to join the Advisory Board

Your feedback about Zest is what keeps me and the rest of the team moving. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the app. Join our Beta Facebook Group to share.