Tribal self-learning: Stories from the professionals who are leading the movement

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The Tribal Self-Learning Movement My Only Career Plan images of the contributors of stories in support of Zest Enlight


Tribal self-learning: Stories from the professionals who are leading the movement

It is a special moment when you realize that something you started has grown beyond your control driven by a community whose ideas were greater and more far-reaching than your own. Prior to the recent launch of Zest Enlight’s closed beta invite, I had never experienced this feeling before.

As CEO of Zest, I aspired to define the brand’s goals, its value proposition, and the solution that it provided to users. But in the hands of the Zest community, our brand’s mission has become something greater than what the Zesteam and I ever imagined.

We have done something beyond our dreams.

And I think that no one said it better before than Seth:

Source: Seth Godin’s The tribes we lead, TED2019

Because of the tribe’s passion and ideas, Zest has become a part of something more than just the products we bring to market: The Zest tribe initiated the Tribal Self-Learners’ movement.

This Tribal Self-Learning Movement is going to change the way every marketer develops their professional talent. I am humbled to be here to witness the transformation.

Being a self-learner doesn’t mean you are on your own

I was a self-learner. Traditional school wasn’t a good fit for me so I had to find my own way. But, I didn’t go it alone. Instead, I relied on the help of mentors and trusted friends who were also self-learners. We exchanged resources and ideas, asked questions and kept each other sharp.

I’m not alone in this strategy. Many of us turn to our inner circle as a non-traditional resource when looking for information. I wrote about it my earlier My Only Career Plan article.

A chart explaining how I choose which content to prioritize

With Zest, our goal was to expand on this idea of personal learning tribes to create a global tribe of self-learning professionals.

Zest’s content is initially sourced by a community of professionals each committed to improving their talent. The platform then uses a proprietary ML to filter, tag and score the content that the community suggested.

Next, the AI system takes over and analyzes the users’ profiles and their content consumption habits. This data is used to model a professional knowledge-building path for each user based on similar profiles. Finally, the AI matches content selections to users’ personal profiles, building the best professional growth experience for each individual.

This is Tribal Self Learning at its best as it is community-led and supported by machines to scale and sustain the Zest users professional knowledge.

Who are these tribal self-learners?

The Tribal Self-Learning Movement is led by professionals who have built their careers through self-directed knowledge-acquisition. For some of these individuals, traditional education served as a solid foundation upon which they continued to build. For others, like me, traditional education never really met their needs.

Tribal self-learners represent many different careers and career stages, but they are all are leaders who don’t wait for others to give them what they need to succeed. They seek out the keys to their own success.

They have different backgrounds, nationalities, and learning styles. They define their own success and are driven to keep searching for answers to their questions and adding to their professional skills.

These tens of thousands of talented individuals have all faced challenges when trying to find the information they need to keep their careers on track and they are members of a tribe that is fueling Zest’s journey to the next level of knowledge-building technology.

Empowering self-learners in the Zest community to spread the word and move the masses

When the Zesteam began the #MyOnlyCareerPlan campaign, our goals were to gain 2,000 beta helpers for the Zest Enlight closed beta launch and to enlist those beta helpers to spread the word about the launch via social media posts and blog articles.

We anticipated getting approximately 30 social media mentions and set an ambitious goal of seeing 10 full articles written using the My Only Career Plan theme.

We kicked the project off with an article that shared my personal self-learning story and we created a Community Helpers brief to guide those who wanted to participate.

What happened next?

We asked the community to give voice to their experience and they took our idea and ran with it!

By the end of our campaign

  • 5.6k professional marketers joined the closed beta (nearly 3x our goal)
  • 100+ professionals made social media posts about how self-learning had impacted their careers
  • 15 marketers (including 3 members of the Zesteam) wrote articles explaining their strategies for professional development and the importance of self-learning
  • Over 10,000 words about the importance of continual learning for career success were written by members of the community

Why is tribal self-learning gaining momentum now?

Over the course of the past several decades, the way education is delivered has undergone many changes. Aided by technology, we are experiencing a shift away from traditional learning delivery systems such as classrooms and courses, and toward what Dani Grant calls free learning.

Learning is becoming self-directed, relying on free-form information seeking and built upon each individual’s innate curiosity.


  • Upskilling isn’t optional. Today’s environment is one of rapid change. Professionals need to continually learn new skills to not only stay up-to-date but to avoid falling behind.
  • The rise of continuous learning platforms that offer a steady supply of community-sourced information enables self-learners to access the best, most up-to-date knowledge-building content.

In short, the rapid pace of technology dictates that we constantly upskill to safeguard our careers, but that doesn’t mean we have to choose between the communal environment of the classroom or a solitary learning journey.

The Zest tribe is comprised of an amazing group of self-learners. Their stories are a revelation and an inspiration. Join me in discovering the unique stories behind the Tribal Self-Learning Movement.

The #MyOnlyCareerPlan self-learners stories that Zest Enlighters shared via social media and blogs

Andreea Popa, Strategist and Marketing Manager at Search Scientists

From Andreea’s article, The self-learner’s approach to professional development:

…this is my answer on Zest’s #MyOnlyCareerPlanquestion — my plan is something no school and just a few workplaces teach you — Curiosity.

Curiosity will always make you go the extra mile and keep you from abandoning what you started. It will push you to become more resourceful and creative.

It will give you the courage to experiment, investigate, A/B test, confront business challenges, and ultimately, aim for better results. That’s what it did for me in these 7 years as a digital marketer.

Vanessa Perplies, Workiz Content Lead | Marketing Writer with a Passion for B2B SaaS

“This is the best thing since sliced bread.”

-Someone else

-Vanessa Perplies

Here’s why I love Enlight:

I love the idea of #Microlearning.

It means that I get to make small yet meaningful wins in my career as a marketing writer from just a few minutes of self-learning every day….

Here’s why Zest gets it:

Many working professionals don’t have the time/energy/patience to go through long courses anymore, and introducing learning based on micro-wins means that learning is accessible to everyone, no matter how much time you have on your hands.

Why is micro-learning so awesome?

It’s like a Casino mentality – you’re giving people little wins which propel them to want more – except with knowledge.

Michael Koral, Co-Founder and COO at

I have been following since their beginning and have been loving their little nuggets of fantastic articles in my chrome tabs. The quality of content curation really is unmatched and its always right where I want it.

I use Zest as a super easy way to learn about things that matter to me and stuff I can apply to my work every day.

No matter how busy I am in a day I always find 5-10 minutes for some self-learning. I strive to learn at least 1 new thing every day to grow as a professional and to share the knowledge

I learn with my peers and teammates. If you cannot say you learn something new every day, I think you’re doing something wrong. It only takes a few minutes and it will always help you.

So tell me, do you learn something new everyday? What did you learn today?

Matthew Zammit, Startup Mentor, Founder and Digital Strategist at know your social

From Matthew’s article, My Only Career Plan:

The more I progress as a professional, the more I become aware that life is a continuous work in progress. Complacency isn’t for me. When we become too comfortable with where we are, we are in danger of standing still.

I can now appreciate all the small things I’ve done along the way, the lessons I’ve learned to get here and the struggles I’ve been through to become who I am today…I am now a new version of myself who is constantly learning, growing, changing, intellectually evolving and (hopefully) improving. I am a self-learner. A person who is not afraid to not be defined by one thing but pushes to learn more and something new every day.

Alexandra Tachalova, Founder at Digital Olympus

I’m a big self-learner. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty.

But I don’t underestimate the value of academic knowledge.

No one would argue that it sounds much fancier when you can say that running a poll is an example of quantitative research.


Andreea Serb, Content Marketing Lead at innovo42

Having worked as a writer and content marketer over a period of 10 years, I’ve had the privilege to experience the evolution of content first-hand.

In such a fast-paced landscape, expanding my knowledge and skills while working a full-time job has been crucial to become competitive and push myself to think out of the box.

I’ve always been passionate about learning and I am lucky to live in a time when quality resources are readily available to help me grow personally and professionally.

Such valuable content has become the best investment to build my career from the ground up.

And I can say this wholeheartedly – it has made me a better thinker, a better writer, and a more confident content marketer.

I truly believe knowledge should be celebrated and I am happy that, is a platform I use every day, redefines how we write and consume content.

#myonlycareerplan #zestenlight #neverstoplearning

David Hoos, Content Strategist and Director of Marketing at The Good

From David’s article, My Only Marketing Career Plan:

Looking for the one killer hack to a successful career?

I’ll share mine with you. It can be summed up in three words:

Continual focused learning.

As I’ve moved along my career path, this has been the one common thread that has remained consistent. Even when I’ve had jobs I didn’t enjoy, I did everything in my power to mine them for learnings.

I’ve learned that the best way to approach your career is to ensure that wherever you are, and however long you’re there, that you’re continuing to educate yourself.

The moment you stop learning is the moment you will become stagnant.

Lori Steuart, Marketing Manager at ioFABRIC

From Lori’s article, Learning — your only career plan:

…as I found my way from Vancouver to Toronto, from the ivory tower of higher education to the digital world of marketing, I found a new path.

Sure, it was cluttered with leaves and sticks, and I had to crawl over a few logs to get where I was going, but eventually I found that kind of work, the kind that I truly enjoyed. And so what if it was the opposite of what I, a nerdy bookworm, had ever imagined for myself.

I could still be a nerdy bookworm.

And that’s why I loved it.

I could nerd out about analytics, fill my bookshelf with branding and advertising tomes, and read every article I could find about that hot new thing called “content marketing.” I was constantly acquiring knowledge, a learner at heart, and I put my research skills to good use.

But even back then the glut of content was overwhelming. How do you sort the trash from the treasure? How do you find the answers to your questions? How do you keep your quality of education high, and your time spent searching down?

Then — shout out to my favourite podcast, Everyone Hates Marketers — I found out about Zest. It has become my daily ritual to peruse the latest highly-curated articles and learn what other skilled and talented marketers are thinking about, trying, and sharing.

The key to growth is to always surround yourself with people smarter than you. Thankfully, working at a startup makes sure I am never without things to learn, but thanks to Zest, I am no longer without the place to learn them…

Nadav Avidan, Global Public Relations and Communications Leader

I’ve been a self-learner all my life. Having studied acting and directing for theatre and moving from there to PR and Communications, I quickly realized that I have to find new, innovative ways to learn the craft and then the art of public relations.

Searching the web for knowledge can be a daunting task. Anyone who ever asked Google why their throat feels sore knows that. So how do you get to become knowledgeable in a field, without ever “officially” learning it?

1. You stay curious, and you keep your critical mind focused at all times. Is this a reliable source? Does it fit something I’ve heard elsewhere? Who else trusts this source?

2. You stay humble. That’s not a hard one, especially if you’re starting from scratch as I did over a decade ago. No idea is beneath you, and no opinion is not worth considering. You learn from the best, but you can also learn a lot from the mediocre and the worst – And it’s going to take time for you to be able to tell the difference.

3. You do your best to find sources that you can keep coming back to. Usually, that’s the hardest part, as blogs don’t post eight new articles per day. That’s why I wish I had Zest back then, that’s why I’m thankful to have it now.

Neta Dror, Full Stack Marketer at Elementor

“Where did you learn marketing?” is usually the question I get when I tell people I’ve been working in digital marketing for over 9 years (4 years in digital agencies, 5 years in high-tech).

My answer? In the best university – by myself.

My journey in the job market as a self-learner has changed over the years. 8 years ago I was an oddball.

Today my career choices make sense (HR personnel included). Why? The world has changed (thank god) and people are expected to constantly learn by themselves.

Self-development is considered a *personal responsibility*. I love that. It’s #MyOnlyCareerPlan.

How do you learn?

By taking one huge dive into the world of knowledge that surrounds us. By learning from other people in the industry, reading articles, blogs, listening to podcasts and… by not being afraid to take risks (and fail. many many times)…

Giacomo Verde, Digital Marketing Specialist at Silk Mandarin Language Training Institute

Self-learning is what helped me a lot to develop my career as a digital marketer.

But the problem with my self-learning is that I don’t know exactly where to find the right content to study, because I am overwhelmed by content each day, and I lose time trying to find the right content to develop myself. And as a professional, I don’t have much time to study it. helped me to solve this problem. Zest is like a search engine where everyone can suggest content, and you can filter that content based on your topic of interest, and on the type of media that you want to study (only text, audio, video).

And now with Zest Enlight is even easier to find the right content, because I can choose what is the kind of content that I want to study based on my interests and I can determine when and how to study it.

Zest really changed my self-learning experience.

Milica Maksimović, Community Manager at Hashnode

I dropped out of college at 26. I should have done it when I was 24, but I just didn’t want to bring that topic up at home. It was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done.

Uni helped me improve and shape all of the skills I have. My English has improved immensely, but so did my survival skills. I started working when I was 22. At that time, I already knew I didn’t want to be a teacher but had to teach English in order to support myself. At 24, I decided I needed to change my career path and went into marketing.

I started learning as if I were at Uni. I would read articles and watch courses daily just to get a better idea of how to do things and how to get better at what I was trying to do.

It was tough to find the right sources, but immensely fun to read all those articles and connect with people who had the same troubles I did.

Then, I discovered Zest. It gave me everything I ever needed, marketing-related articles, educational material, tips and tricks, survey results… all in one place. It gave me the structure I always needed and still helps me grow daily. I recommend you to check them out! #MyOnlyCareerPlan…

Nick Gandolfi, Digital Marketing Marketing Content Specialist at Italiaonline

To whoever is reading here…

You do this, you install Zest NOW and see what happens. See? A wall, A wall of people who KNOW MORE than you do, which sometimes is not totally impossible, BUT … a wall of people who are willing to SHARE what they know?

This IS amazing.

How many times you were looking for a specific skill and couldn’t find someone to teach you; or the right voice or the right take in that specific turn of your career? If you strive to find a mentor, Zest is a full tribe of mentors.

For me, Zest awakened the will to train in the aspects of digital marketing I felt I needed to expand, I found unique points of view and I used them in confrontations, debates, and presentations, to build my own authority.

If you really want to TRAIN and not merely TRY, here you will get knowledge, confidence and inspiration, all in one place.

You’ll skyrocket your career and expectations and, above all, you’ll have enough authority to steer your working and personal life towards the goals you always dreamed of.  

Yael Miriam Klass, Head of Content at

Here’s one thing I’m sure of in 2019: My #growth is never over.

One more: #selflearning can be hard to prioritize.

With a demanding job and growing family, professional development often takes a back-seat.

But a career is (for lack of a better analogy) a marathon, not a sprint. It’s cheesy but true. I need to constantly not just focus on the tasks ahead but the skill set and career I am building for chapters to come.

So, I was pretty pumped to be invited to the Enlight Beta. If you’re looking for both quick and impactful learning opportunities, I highly recommend checking them out.

All reading suggestions welcome. #NotAnAd hashtag#JustIntoThem

Mike Silberg, Founding Partner, ISCL Summit, Building Startup Communities to Win

From Accounting to Startup Communities. It seems we live in the best times ever.

Knowledge is at the tips of our fingers and anyone with access to the internet can access endless information and ideas. But is this information age so great?

When I decided to major in accounting as an economics BA student I set my life in a course to a very long career. It took almost 6 years for me to change my path, a path that wasn’t exactly for me.

In 2014 I decided to do an MBA and major in entrepreneurship, innovation and information systems. That seemed like the best way to rechart my path, but that was only the start!

When I joined WeWork in 2015, I had to learn on the job, a lot! Almost everything was new. There, I also learned how important are communities for startups and that the best startups build communities, not just companies.

But the most important thing I understood there for me was: there is a huge new field I want to learn about, I new field I wanted to master. I wanted to combine my management consulting and business development experience with the new world of building communities.

In late 2017, I took an intensive journey of learning, I flew to the US to visit outstanding communities such as Burning Man, a dozen coworking spaces, many crowd-driven companies and attend the CMX Summit. These were the seeds for IS-CL, what I hope will be the most valuable network of startup community professionals. We are creating a new proficiency in the world and this requires a lot of not just learning but analyzing, researching and collaborating. But again, this was only the start!

In the information age we have such an overflow of information how can we effectively choose the right and valuable content for us?

The answer is we have to tap into the collective wisdom of our colleagues in order to invest our time where it is worth it. Only with a community of experts will you be able to grow to be the best version of ourselves.

Working alone and keeping information to yourself is a thing of the past. The future is for those who share! Those who collaborate!

Thanks to we can now share knowledge like never before. We can evaluate information like never before. With Zest Enlight, I can only imagine. Thanks Yam Regev for such an amazing product!

Tal Shmueli, Relaunching lives through learning as the Regional Executive Director at

Like many others, I’m drowning in content, and most of it feels like it was generated by an SEO bot. It got to the point where I only read articles recommended to me by trusted friends, colleagues and peers.

One of those trusted friends is Yam, and along with Idan they tackle this challenge head-on:  is a way to engage with a tribe of marketers who surface content for other marketers, helping me cut through the clutter and get distilled value off of my screen time.

They’re launching a closed Beta for their mobile offering, and it’s called Zest Enlight. Give it a go, and release yourself from shitty content with zero nutritional value.

Nicole Mathura, Digital Marketing Manager at AC Marketing Caribbean

From freelancer to full-timer, my experience in digital marketing has been, in a word, dynamic. My masters covered the groundwork, but this field goes far beyond what can be taught in any classroom. As a digital nomad working with a startup marketing agency, it’s a constant learning experience, one that  makes 100x easier.

Self-learning can be tough and having a community close by who curates amazing and insightful content on a day-to-day basis is nothing short of magic.  Not to mention the content can be filtered to your needs, so you’re not overwhelmed with information.

Zest Enlight will definitely be a step forward for me. I can study on my terms, knowing the content will always be personalized for my path. Interested? You should be!

Ramey Miller, Marketing Assistant at Text Request

I did the whole undergrad thing! Spent my time in class and in the dorms, socializing and making typical college mistakes. But I never really focussed in class, mostly because I wasn’t interested in non-marketing classes like science and history.

College taught me some things, but I teach myself more, now that I am in the workforce. I’ve even told people, never stop learning! I don’t even know what I’ll be doing in 5 years, but I know I’ll teach myself about it before then.

You don’t have to go to school or go back to school to learn more. There are soooooo many FREE avenues for #selfteaching  such as just Googling a topic and reading about it. Or (the way I do it) hoping on and picking one of the blogs they put out there.

Seriously, keep perfecting your craft and learning more, to be the best you, you can be! #learning #myonlycareerplan

Sura Rosenberg, Marketing Consultant, Writer, Storyteller and Content Marketing Aficionado

It may sound strange that I consider myself a self learner as I have a Masters & taught for 20 years.

BUT being a self learner does not nullify being in education.

It was actually during my studies that I realized there were two issues in academia.

  1. Theory is not reality. Things often sound good in theory but disappear into dust upon application.
  2. All information must be divided into smaller subsets that link together.

I was writing my thesis on how meaning breaks down for highschool readers & there was no comprehensive system that dissected the act of reading.

I knew that many students could read all the words in an essay & not know what it meant.

Having studied abroad for my bachelor’s, (Tel Aviv University) I could easily relate to that  .

There were articles on why people can’t read, why it’s a problem, BUT nothing practical that could create a reusable system.

Yam Regev said, there is so much information out there you can go into overload.

If you can’t arrange it into an actionable process – the information remains useless.

As a social media marketer I have to also be an informational architect. That is why I love Zest – they offer useable research.

Adi Azaria, CEO at Workiz

As far as I can remember I was struggling with school, sitting in class or reading entire books was a constant nightmare. University was kind of the same, luckily I studied at IDC that was very supportive and I finally graduated.

But life is all about constant learning and I realized I have to find a better way, a way I could learn a lot without getting frustrated!

That’s why I love, I’m getting the right dose of information that I need to be better at my current tasks and I even took it further using my iPhone “speak screen” feature to learn new things even faster.

That’s why I’m so excited about the new Zest Enlight platform helping me get quality knowledge-building content to advance my skills in a format that met my needs.

Robert Nachum, ASO Expert | Startup Advisor | Founder and CEO at Topanda

Self-development is crucial for your future career path.

If you’re a marketer, you know how hard it is to find the most relevant and informative content out there.

Finding content that will help your self-development is not an easy task, and people ask me all over again “how do you gain the knowledge you need to advance your career?”

My answer is

Jenny Björklöf, Super Connector and B2B Event Developer, Founder of EventJenny

I’m in awe of marketing campaign for their brand new tribal self-learning platform Zest Englight…

As a provider of learning opportunities (event planner, community builder & trainer) and a marketer I must stay up to date on the latest developments. But time/focus makes it hard sometimes.  

Curiously I joined the programme to:

– advance my marketing knowledge. Obviously, Zest walks their talk just by observing this campaign.  

– be the first to see this

– see if it will really decrease the clutter and provide bite-sized valuable and actionable content

– get forever free access.

Pedro Talaia, Marketing Manager at Displax and Co-Founder and Organizer at Braga.Growth

From Pedro’s article, My Only Career Plan:

My career is like many: I’ve gone to the University and studied something unrelated to my actual career path

After finishing my BA I was ready to face the world. Grabbed my backpack left home and went to catch ’em all!

Soon I’ve realized this was not the right path and since then, I’ve challenged myself to learn as much as I could in any possible way. The first challenge was organizing a TEDx event and oh boy, this was the start of everything!

Since that moment, I’ve come to realize that to be a successful self-learner there are three things extremely important:

1. Focus

2. Writing

3. Trying

Before going step-by-step, everyone can think that going online and trying to find some content on a subject is easy, but finding significant content that is validated by peers is not.

This is where Zest comes to the action!

It justs presents curated content that is validated by peers.

Since then, everything is a constant learning hockey stick curve with an infinite end.

Nir Bar Sade, Head of Business Sector – B2B, B2C, LeadGen

Are you a self-learner?

If you’re a digital marketer, self-learning on a daily basis is your only way of staying relevant.

But if you’re OCD, there is a slight problem—finding high quality, valuable information in the endless sea of online content is a never-ending challenge.

Luckily, I know that Yam Regev and his lemon super-troopers have my back with their brand new Zest Enlight Beta—a source for distilled online marketing content curated by experts.

Self-learning is #MyOnlyCareerPlan

Lisa Sicard, Content Marketing Manager/Consultant at Inspire to Thrive

I can’t wait for Zest Enlight on mobile! Going fast!

Knowledge built content – when and where you need it!

Sam Hurley, Managing Director at OPTIM-EYEZ

I dropped out of college after a few months! Had tough times in life, but never gave up.

As I got older, I began work (without pay) as a marketing assistant.

The rest is history!

Ruben Lozano, Growth Marketing Specialist at

From Ruben’s article, My Only Career Plan:

Basically, everything I learn right now is online. Honestly, it is amazing the quantity and quality are on the Internet to learn. Everything is there. Nowadays, money isn’t an excuse to learn a new skill.

I just finished a month ago a Growth Hacking Master in an online business school. And my plan for all this 2019 is to learn and improve 4 areas: Digital Analytics, Data Marketing, German (start to learn and keep improving my English) and Code Skills. So how am I going to do that? Easy. Everything online.

  • Code Skills with some good free platforms like Code School or Code Academy.
  • Digital Analytics and Data Marketing with Blogs, groups on Linkedin and Facebook, podcasts, meetups, books, presentations, infographics and Youtube channels.
  • German and English with Busuu, Duolingo or any free resources. Also, Barcelona is an international city where you can find people to talk in English or German.

And one tool that is really amazing.

Do you know what is the first place I search when I need to find a good piece of content about marketing? How? Simple, open a new tab and type the keyword in the search box and It will give me back good content. I love this tool, honestly.

Yariv Dror,  Co-Founder & CEO at

I don’t read fast.

When I invest my time and energy in reading something, I want it to be worth it.

That’s what Zest is for, at least in my eyes.

Monica Mahzeb, SEO Manager at Clear House Accountants

I was asked about #MyOnlyCareerPlan by team ✌️

I dreamt of a dazzling career in digital marketing when I was at university, I thought after graduating I would be a know it all.

I realized very quickly after graduating that the actual landscape in the industry was very different, constant learning, new technologies, and a fast-paced industry meant that I had to think on my feet, learn very quickly, keep abreast of industry changes and practice and experiment a lot.

The missing puzzle between me and rapid knowledge progression was the knowledge gap required to achieve mental enlightenment;

Zest’s content has enabled me to pick and choose skills I believe I require to fill that gap; I have learned more using Zest than I would have if I took online courses or attended location-based training.

I am truly blessed to have known two great mentors, and of course, understanding and utilising zest was a significant part. I would not have been at this position right now if any of these were not a part.  

Zest’s content helps me in developing my knowledge while simultaneously applying these at work. Contrast that to the traditional models of learning; Zest has revolutionised the art of learning where concepts are only a click away.

Siddharth Sharma, Head of Digital Marketing at CleverTap

From Siddharth’s article, #MyOnlyCareerPlan: Keep Learning:

As I moved through various marketing roles, my biggest strengths that I have used to be successful is to be a self-learner and an avid reader. For an engineer-turned-mba – reading and absorbing blogs, ebooks, byte-sized-videos, long-form videos, podcasts has been the secret sauce to me staying relevant. I have been fortunate enough to work for great companies and bosses that have provided learning through interactions and on the job as well – this has helped me build a career in a field where I was a late starter!

For marketers, especially digital marketers, my advice is never to stop learning.

With the advent of new technology, if one stops learning – you can become obsolete very quickly. Learning and reading is not a good-to-have skills. It’s a must-have-skill.

Barak Shachnovitz, Head of Business Development and Video Marketing Specialist at Two Heads Consulting

School for me was a means to an end. I worked just hard enough to pass that was my goal and nothing more.

I really didn’t give it much thought – the reason behind what my many would call a lazy attitude to school.

You know who I am – the kind of kid that gets the comment you have soooo much potential. So why are you wasting it.

The reason I didn’t put much effort into school was because I felt that they weren’t teaching me anything relevant to my life. I didn’t care about triangles and circles, I wanted to learn about money, real estate and the future, but those topics were not part of the curriculum.

I realized what the problem was when I saw what is now one of my top motivational videos ever – a slam poem entitled The People vs the School System with PRINCE EA – Richard Williams,

My favorite part is minute1.2 where Prince EA shows a picture of a school from today and how it is exactly like a school from 150 years ago.

Everything else in this world has changed (cars, phones and new advanced technology) – but not our schools.

And please don’t say yeah but they put in computers, or smart boards or ipads. Doing the same work on a computer as you would in a classroom is not changing education – it is just changing the platform you are learning on.

In grade school they taught us how to multiply and divide and how to earn an A – but not how to solve problems. How to fill in the blank in a vocabulary test but not how to manage money.

As a Gen Z-er I understand that knowledge is something I am going to have to search for (and I love searching for new information).

There are so many opportunities these days to learn online, to study with experts, to try out new concepts and learn through trial and error.

I call it dynamic learning – fast and according to my needs.

When I first got into marketing I realized very quickly that marketing changes faster than you can change your socks. Even if I was going to get a degree a lot of what I would need to know I would still have to learn on my own.

This is why is so important to my daily routine.

Every day there is more and more to learn and Zest brings the latest and most informative articles according to topics that I want to excel in and be updated about. I am excited to be a part of Zest Enlight, the community in general and to apart of learning new marketing skills daily. #myonlycareerplan

Vanhishikha Bhargava, Content, Social Media and Startup Growth Marketer, Head of Marketing at Brandlock

Coming from an engineering background, marketing was obviously not my first choice. In fact, I never even dreamt of being even remotely known in the domain when I started off.

Let’s just say things escalated quickly because I had a mentor to guide me through it all and the need to self-learn remained strong.

As I progressed, here’s something I noted – it’s becoming really hard to find good content that actually helps you learn.

Even the topmost marketers in the industry are becoming repetitive & halfway through the posts, you come away thinking why you spent even a minute on it.

For someone like me, that’s stagnation. And not being able to find the right resources is an absolute bummer! But that’s where Zest Enlight comes in.

It’s a mobile app that combines community curation & the power of artificial intelligence to make self-learning, & professional development effortless for marketers like us.

I’ve been on Zest for a while now & all I got to say is there’s never a single day I come away not learning anything new.

If your only career plan is to learn more & grow, you absolutely need to join their beta++ & get a lifetime free access to the resources.

Ben Gross, Digital Marketing Manager at DBmaestro

From Ben’s article, My Only Career Plan:

In each position I found myself, each next step of what I was sure was my only career plan, I found myself thrown into the deep end, forced to sink or learn very quickly how to swim.

When you’re forced to hit the ground running, you’re also forced to learn a tremendous amount in what is usually a small amount of time.

How did I do it? By shutting up and never stopping to ask questions. When starting something I knew nothing about, I would start off by letting the people in the know do the talking.

But at the end, afterwards, I’d go to my superior, or a colleague, or even to Google, and then I’d ask about every single thing I’d heard which I didn’t understand. If it was something like ROI or SQL when I started out, or how to plan a webinar or even participation in a global summit, I’d listen and then ask questions.

(Not) surprisingly, once I found myself getting into my groove, I saw that I was learning much more than just the things I needed to know. I was expanding my horizons and learning about things that were only tangentially related to what I was doing now, but could be related in the future. And that’s also why I’m joining Zest Enlight — because the learning never stops, and Zest Enlight is the embodiment of that philosophy.

David Pagotto, Founder & Managing Director at SIXGUN

When you’re in the throes of digital marketing agency life, developing systems to get the best information delivered to you daily is mission critical.

This is where  comes into play – community curation and AI to deliver the upskilling content you need.

Davide Scantamburlo, Assistant community manager presso Zooppa – Manager of

My story in a Nutshell:

– Artistic high school

– Philosophy degree

– Warehouse for 4 year

And now I’m a marketing specialist in 1 of the coolest reality in Europe.

I did everything I did through self-learning. Very.

I’m happy to talk about because that’s exactly what I’m always looking for through my researches, reliable source of information, always checked and always updated. It’s my first place to test and find new topics.

And the only idea that this new reality…indicates self-learning in a more structured way galvanized me,…#MyOnlyCareerPlan

Sagi Shrieber, Conversion and Brand Oriented Designers and Founder of the Mindful & Ruthless Podcast

In 2011 I launched a digital design magazine. I called it Pixel Perfect Magazine.

It started with 0 readers, 0 followers, 0 people who knew it. I also considered myself at about 0 out of 10 on the influence scale in my industry.

I really wanted to make an impact.

I wanted a change in the field.

I wanted to raise the bar when it comes to digital design in Israel, and help other designers connect to trends, tools and workflows that the rest of the world uses.

In 2012 I started sending a weekly newsletter.

It started with 0 subscribers.

In the newsletter I curated links of professional design articles from around the world.

I self-learned, and I shared my sources so that others would benefit from it as well.

Today, Pixel Perfect is still alive and kicking, and the newsletter has close to 12,000 designers who receive the newest articles and resources from the design industry directly into their mailbox on a weekly basis.

The problem is – I’m no longer just a designer. Today I’m a digital creative entrepreneur, and I’ve constantly looking for more resources to learn and improve.

Enter Zest.

They – too – started with 0 users of their platform. Even though it was an awesome platform – nobody knew about them at first – like every other new product out there.

But.. They built a platform that allows others to self-learn, and then share their sources so that others would benefit from it as well.

They – too – self-learned, and shared their sources so that others would benefit from it as well.

Many people ask me “Sagi, I want to build my personal brand, I want to position myself in my industry. So I tell them “well – then you have to create content!”

Then comes the same response, “But Sagi… what am I going to write about? Who am I to write about anything? Who would ever want to consume my content especially when I have no followers to begin with?”

So here I will write a few things:

— “What shall I write about?”—

Write from your OWN experience – and share sources of knowledge. In my newsletter I did not start writing my own content but shared articles from others. Curation is super valuable because it saves people time and a hell lot of effort!

— “Who am I?”—

We always tend to think of ourselves as inferior compared to so many professionals that are clearly better than us.

But – there is a larger number of people who are way less professional than us.

They are your audience.

We can always help those who are only a few steps behind us. We can turn around, light their way with our flashlight, and say, “hey, here is where I stepped, you can try walking in my path too” I call this method ‘Share – Don’t Tell’

— “Who would ever want to consume my content especially when I have no followers to begin with?” —

We all start from scratch.

Zest did not have users at first.

I had no audience for my blogs, newsletters and podcasts.

But here comes the cool thing ….

We all want business.

We all want audience.

So get this: People will follow you, and do business with you – because you inspire them!

So here’s the formula:

When we self-learn with the aim of also teaching it later – we learn way better!

When we teach/share our knowledge, we give value to the industry in which we work,

When we give value to the industry in which we work – people begin to get to know us and get inspired!

The result? People follow you and do business with you because you inspire them!


I was asked – what’s my only career path?

It’s this.

Learn then share. Give value, and inspire the industry I am in.

I joined the closed beta of Zest Enlight, and admire the Zest team, which share knowledge with the world and make all of us learn and consume content more effectively.

Thanks Yam Regev Idan Yalovich and the rest of the Zest team!

Nimrod Ganzarski, Marketing | Chief Content Officer/Editor | Customer Success at Verbis

Self-learning done easy.

If I try to visualize my self-learning process, imagine a staircase where each step is around 20 cm high.

Which means that at some point I read and learn a lot, and that enables me to jump up another step.

As time goes by (I only look 25 years-old) and more work needs to be done, I find myself with less time to learn as much as I used to, so it seems that I can never reach my next step.

Cue When Zest came in, it put my self-learning process back on track. The Zest idea broke up each step of 20 cm into smaller 2 cm high steps. This has two benefits.

First, it allows me to reach my next level, which was my goal all along.

Second, it turns my ‘each-step-is-20-cm-staircase’ into a curved easy slope with smaller steps to overcome.

Try it out yourself

Maxime Lagresle, Growth and Platform Strategy

Looking back on my learning journey, I’m so glad to be part of a generation who could grow up with such easy access to new knowledge.

As a fervent believer of positive compound effect, consuming quality content has been part of my daily routine for years now.

I’m also grateful that today, sharing feedback is becoming, more and more, a norm. Learning from other people’s experiences has always been my first source of new knowledge and skills.

For all these reasons, I’ve been a earlyvangelist and daily user. Leveraging the best pieces of content out there and cutting the noise around is a bold mission but probably the most exciting one in a fast-paced world with information abundance.

Akshatha Kamath, LinkedIn Content 50 and Head of Content Marketing at MoEngage Inc.

From Akshatha’s article, #MyOnlyCareerPlan is to Keep Learning:

As I’ve progressed through various roles and companies in my career, I’ve realized that you need two qualities to emerge successfully – you should be agile and a self-learner.

Whether you’re learning from your work experience, from a colleague, you’ve signed up for a course, or you’re lapping up blogs, ebooks, podcasts, and videos – the learning must continue.

This is especially true in the field of content marketing where expanding your knowledge while working is essential if you want to stay ahead. I’ve been fortunate to get the right opportunities and also keep learning from each of those. This has helped me build my career ground-up and evolve into a passionate writer and a strong content marketer.

Gabriel Ehrlich, Founder at Remotion, B2B Digital Customer Acquisition

Just because I’m in Sinai doesn’t mean I should miss out on all the Zest-love, right Yam Regev?

To be absolutely honest, I never had a plan.

I opened my first business when I was 22. A bar in Tel Aviv. It was a dive bar that played Reggae every Thursday night and Punk Rock on Fridays. I had no idea what I was doing and made every possible mistake you can make with a business – and I had the time of my life.

15 years later, and I’m well into my 3rd business. Remotion is a B2B Ad Agency, specializing in LinkedIn ads.

Sometimes I meet people and they ask me how I learned how to do this. The truth is, I didn’t. I didn’t learn this in school. How could I? This didn’t exist when I was in school. I learned by DIY. I always learned things by trying it myself – along with reading about other people like me.

That’s where comes in. Zest is real content from real marketers that is resourceful in a way little else is. Zest provides me with ideas and inspiration from other marketers like myself that are figuring it all out as we go along. Zest helps with that. …

Nemanja Zivkovic, Director of Operations at DEFAULT Design

From Nemanja’s article, My only career plan – keep learning:

…I learned everything by doing.

It gave me practical experience. It gave me a chance to fail and learn from my failings. It gave me a chance to have results. It gave me a chance to present my work and my results…

While learning, I shared. I shared articles, videos, knowledge.. I shared failings and attempts.

This is how I’ve built a community and my personal brand.

I shared a lot with my team, in the agency I worked at the time. I became better at what I do and I wanted my team to follow. By learning and becoming better in marketing, my other skills started to show up. Skills I developed when I quit studying. Practical, organizational and leadership skills.

Shiry Benschar, Marketing and Community Growth Manager at HyperSpace

My journey in Marketing is ever-evolving. Each position has required a different combination of skills which is what makes the experience both exciting and challenging, so having a learning mindset is vital to help me forge ahead and adapt quickly.

In such a fast-paced landscape, having access to practical content that supports self-learning, allows me to continually expand my knowledge. That is why  is brilliant. With a simple add-on, I get relevant suggestions curated by a community of experts who base their recommendations on real-world experience, while helping to filter through the mountains of available resources. Now they are launching Zest Enlight that can help predict my reading needs so I can assemble a comprehensive knowledge stack and continue my education…

#MyOnlyCareerPlan #onlinelearning #professionaldevelopment #selflearning #zestenlight #digitalmarketing

Iftach Drori, Head of Marketing at Shield

Here’s why I joined the  Enlight closed beta:

I’ve never met Yam in person or any other member of the Zest team (how many are there?). But for some odd reason, I feel like I’m a part of their journey.

So here’s my infomercial:*This is a non-paid advertisement*

The way I see it, Zest is the ultimate tool for marketers like myself. I was a poor student in high school, and an even poorer one in college. At some point in time, I realized that the only way I can learn new things is by acquiring the knowledge myself.

This is where Zest comes into play, I open each work day (OK, almost) with an article or two from Zest. The fact that the content is screened in advance, and I only get quality posts is probably my favorite part.

So, if that sounds familiar, you can now join their Enlight Beta Group below. They’ll now be using fancy and shiny things like AI to perfect your content stream

Mordecai Holtz, Blogger, Podcast Host and Chief Digital Strategist at Blue Thread Marketing

As marketers, we’re always searching for new ways to learn.

We want content that resonates and empowers us to continuously grow.

To do that, we need

  • Top quality content
  • Pre-screened by our peers
  • Personalized

If constant professional growth is so important, how do we do it at scale? How do we stay ahead of the latest developments with so much content available?

Meet Zest  by Yam Regev and his team. They created Zest Enlight. Spend a few minutes to customize your professional development objectives, and they will send you a daily email with 1-2 hand-picked articles that are the MOST relevant to your development objectives (trust me, it’s accurate).

Nick Dimitriou, SEO/Growth Marketer at Moosend

I live my life like a movie but most people live their life like a clip.

If you want to be the director of your own movie join:  and kickstart your self-learning journey!

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Andy Mura, Head of Marketing at Userlane

#Marketing tactics are determined by the channels which are available, the tools you can use to collect and leverage data, and the expectations of a constantly changing audience. The entire ecosystem and its rules change faster than the speed of light.

Over the past three years the marketing landscape changed more dramatically than in the 30 years before. Such cycles seem to become faster and faster. Trends and fads have come and gone together with opportunities and plenty of new ideas.

Whatever you knew about marketing five years ago will help you with your leadgen strategy as much as knowing how to milk a cow will help you develop a python script!

I’m proud to say that I always managed to create and implement scalable and successful marketing plans despite moving goalposts, unexpected constraints, and paradigm shifts.

What’s the secret?


Dedicating a portion of my day to find information and learn something new about the things I thought I already knew. That’s it. That’s the whole point. That’s where Zest comes in!

A library of pre-vetted, and well-selected content on all the topics that a marketer needs to be up to date with.

Image may contain: 1 person, eyeglasses, text and closeup

Galit Galperin, Head of Product at Playtech

After the holidays is the exact time to offer you some digital candy to help boost your career.

I’ve met Yam Regev, the number 1 lemon at, when Zest was still in the womb, as a concept, over coffee. 

Back then I recall I thought this is such a great idea- one place, to fit it all, the best content to read if you are a marketer, product manager anyone working in digital and wants to grow his knowledge, based on a strong community with strong social validation.

Today it’s available as the best chrome extension you can get to consume focused content. It is now entering its second big beta stage, which will probably become a premium service, so if you are a person who likes to learn and grow – this is the time to register. Go make some lemonade with your knowledge 🙂

Itzik Fertkov, Product Manager at Exypnos – Creative Solutions LTD

I don’t know team but I love the vision.

As a product manager in a fast developing startup, I need to learn as fast, as accurate and as relevant as possible.

The real world doesn’t wait for us to learn and I’m always looking for the right tools to keep and update my skills in the right way.

Zest Enlight is one great tool to do all that.

Yaniv Goldenberg, Head of Acquisition at Elementor

As a marketer, you already know mastering each medium takes time. Closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be is always a challenge.

The true cost of excellence is taking the time to learn, grow, and implement. Self-learning helped me accelerate my professional career faster than I ever imagined.

Zest took it to the next level, helping me turning content into actionable information.

The best products, always get better. Accordingly, Zest Enlight as the natural progression using personalization, sending the content I need, exactly when I need it.

Keren Orian Nadel, Managing Director at Saga Foundation

To the marketing people and strategists among you, to those who love quality content, those who seek to swallow the world and stay alive, tired of all the newsletters, endless sources of information and articles that come from every direction – Zest is for you.

Founded by the one and only Yam Regev along with a talented bunch of people, Zest is curating a personal, quality and relevant content.

Today Zest is working as a Chrome extension, a kind of home page to come and read. These days they are growing up and starting a closed beta that in the future will be a premium service.

If you are a marketer, content writer, product manager, or you just a curious human being, you should enter the free invitation until 30/4 and register for the closed beta. Enjoy!

Samuel Chukwunonso lgboanugo, Ceo at Ads4naira Media

3 years ago, I was very tired of the way the internet seems to me, l felt that the internet was just meant for the big guys who are ready to spend, six figures. because I needed to advance my brand and my profile.

l has a lot of adverts on my blog and nothing or less revenue was been generated, after doing my Seo, SMO and running campaigns, i felt very bad with the experience at a time, I have to get my attention off these things entirely and I started a career choice research where I look for people to join their community to find out what they have to give out to their readers.

l bring out every day in my calendar to read about 34 career choice blog to gain ideas and skill in entrepreneurship, that is how was I found Zest a great citadel of learning, currently in my browser zest is the first extension installed in my computer.

Let me shock you guys, I am Samuel lgboanugo a computer scientist in Msc I have worked with a lot of data mining companies, I have seen their work plan and working group, what zest community has is first class distilled knowledge,

I will be the happiest loyal fellow on if the community can start recognition and certified documentations.

Yuval Michaeli, Director of Marketing at

Spreading some marketing love with  🙂

As someone who has been in the marketing field for about 10 years now, I was happy to hear that the lovely, awesome people at #Zest are launching their product, Zest Enlight!

Throughout my years in marketing, I found that one of the most important things is that I have to keep on learning and refine my skills, every time, any chance I get, otherwise, I’ll find myself outdated and irrelevant.

In the last few years, it has become almost impossible to find a true, distilled source of information & content for marketers to learn and improve their skills and find new stuff to implement in their work.

That’s why I joined Zest Enlight, to get enlightened 🙂

Neriyah Oren, Product Manager at

Spreading the Yellow love with

Disclaimer: Although I used to work with these guys, I am sharing this because I love the product and I believe that it will add value to people’s lives.

Maybe my story is a bit different as I have completed my studies, university and masters…so my need for knowledge isn’t because I didn’t have the conventional sources of knowledge but because

I have a motto in my life that has been leading me for many many years:

“Maintain the mindset of a student”

I am always looking for precise, professional and relevant content and this is exactly what Zest is doing! This is why I am joining the beta of Zest Enlight!

Almas Sayyad, Digital Marketing Executive and Martech Enthusiast

From Almas’ article, Light and Enlight:

As I dig deeper and deeper I found that no one course can guarantee or assure you the learnings you wish. As the digital marketing landscape is an evolving domain and technology is the driving factor for various mediums and channels.

If you are not willing to learn, No one can help you

If you are determined to learn, No one can stop you

So no one can lay this out for an individual. One need to help themselves.

So this innate thirst or hunger for knowledge and the urge to keep upgrading myself.

Self-learning cannot be taught, it’s the hunger of curiousness, inquisitiveness that derives within which settles only after consumption lots and lots of it…

Andrius Rimkunas, Head of Digital at INVL Asset Management  | in love with marketing, business development and technology Enlight:

Found it a couple a month ago here, on Facebook. Someone gave a link as a response to my question “Guys, what resources do you read to educate yourself, stay in pace, fill the gaps?”. I am 20 years in the market, and eager to push on with systematic, digestible and useful professional content.

So I tried Now I am hooked. The web is full of abstracts and theories and poor quality pieces or obsolete stuff, and Zest delivers exactly.

Of course you should get yourself a proper education first. And practice. And take courses online, go to meetups and discuss matters in the forums. These are big. But there is also other stuff – articles, knowledge which you can get at the same time amount as checking the social apps.

Daily routine of self learning will push you to a totally new level.

Milan Rusimov, Project Leader at Webelinx Mobile Development / Midva Department

You didn’t hear about Here’s what you’ve been missing

Through my modest career, I’ve already changed three positions. At every moment, my only plan was continuous learning.

This meant two things for me:

1. expanding my knowledge with quality content, and

2. applying that knowledge.

Since I have a beginner’s approach to everything I try to learn, it’s very important for me to consume quality content. For me, quality content is the content which really helps you to understand things or to solve your problems.

How to find this quality content when the internet is loud, when it’s full of clickbait and when everyone is concerned about numbers and not customers’ needs?

The answer is, you don’t have to. Why? Because this content will find you with Enlight. All content on is quality thanks to human moderation, and you can easily determine your priorities using the filters and get exactly what you need.

Avishay “Jesse” (AJ) Segal, Growth Hacker for the small guys, Co-Founder at The Marketing Frenzy


I started my journey back in high school, where my friends and I founded our own news portal.

It was the HuffPost, but we had tremendous and where I discovered my knack for writing engaging content.

Fast forward to December 2015, I founded Appenue with the aim of helping startups and entrepreneurs in general to gain the upper hand.

Written content was the best way to engage with them, as I worked with entrepreneurs from all corners of the earth and needed to approach and reach them in general with things they cared about.

I always was an advocate of further learning, and that is exactly why I think you should join the Zest Initiative. Educate yourself about the world of tomorrow with a community-based marketing portal which is more of a tight family than anything else.

Aazar Ali Shad, Head of Growth at Userpilot

7 years ago, I wanted to move away from traditional field sales to digital marketing.

I thought about joining a digital marketing school.

Instead, I started learning online and apply it by doing. #Learningbydoing.

I started learning with blogs and online courses. Now, it is time to up my game of learning.

Hence, I’m joining Zest Enlight…#MyOnlyCareerPlan

Yonatan Snir, Co-Founder and CEO at

…I have always preferred self-learning over taking official classes/courses. That’s how I gained 80% of my knowledge in marketing and that’s the best way for me to stay up to speed with the rapid changes in this space.

The problem is that it’s becoming harder and harder to find good content that can actually help you learn new stuff. That’s where Zest Enlight comes in to play.

Zest Enlight is a mobile app that combines community curation and AI to make professional development almost effortless for marketers….#myonlycareerplan

David Yahid, Director of Business Development and Innovation at Penguin Strategies

Marketing as a profession is ever evolving. The best marketing techniques from 15 years ago are not only obsolete today, they have completely been forgotten (Radio? TV? Newspapers ??? do those even register as a marketing channels today?)

This change is fuelled by continuous technology developments which give you new channels, platforms and metrics to develop and execute your marketing abilities. Continuous learning is a MUST if you want to stay on top of the latest developments…

BUT there are hundreds of blogs and who has the time to read so much ?

Meet by Yam Regev and his team. They created Zest Enlight. Just define your professional development objectives, and they will send you a daily email with 1-2 hand picked articles that are MOST relevant to your development objectives.

Roei Yellin, Chief Operations Officer at Prytek

If you’ll take a close look at the background of this profile pic, you’ll see the Acropolis. It’s there for a reason, to remind me where I come from, to the greatest (and saddest) experience of my sporting career.

The journey from where I was to where I am today professionally (and personally) is an ongoing effort of self development.

This is why I subscribe to the message the Zest team is pumping out: you must keep on developing, keep on learning, never stop, no matter what.

If you also believe in self development, and want to keep your daily learning fresh there’s no better way than to subscribe to the Zest Enlight Beta. #myonlycareerplan

George Fakorellis, Growth Marketing Associate at Moosend

#Learning hasn’t always been easy. There had been times when people had to travel miles to reach the source of knowledge they were looking for. Today, that’s not the case. Knowledge is accessible through computers that can be found anywhere-even in your pocket.


it’s not a matter of how but rather of a matter of when you are going to learn.

Eliran Caspi, SEO Manager Research and Implementation

From Eliran’s article, #MyOnlyCareerPlan-The twin version:

…I’m a self-learner!

This is what has brought me through everything I have had to deal with and all my career achievements. I was always looking for knowledge, always curious. I looked for different sources and drew my action items from them.

When I heard about ZEST and Zest Enlight, it felt completely natural. It’s exactly for people like me but not just … It is for all self-learners who want to get up-to-date information that is relevant and as refined as a good wine!

The amount of information available today is crazy, and if there is someone who brings you the exact information you need, it saves you time and money. The direct result is that your entire career plan takes a turn and flies you right to the sky!

Haim Pekel, Co-founder and CEO at Press on It

Not many know this, but I always had a complicated relationship with the educational system.

The educational framework that was available when I was a kid (’90s) was not compatible with the way I was learning things.

I was extremely good at learning what interested me, but on my own.

As a kid, for someone looking from the outside, I would seem daydreaming, absent at times, focused on something, but not here.

I’d rather read books than have conversations, and focus on things that I thought are interesting like why was the sky blue? Or why leaves are green?

Back in the day, books and encyclopedias were my only way to discover all the answers to the questions I had.

Thank god things changed.

I’m happily married to my best friend, we built a business together, launched products that influenced millions of lives and much more (plus, I talk to people daily now).

Learning on my own, and partnering with the amazing Melissa Pekel, was #myonlycareerplan.

[Zest Enlight] is the one way I develop professionally nowadays, a one-stop-shop for all your autodidact needs, which fits me like a glove. #beta #launched

Dikla Levkovitz, Head of Product and UX at INTECH by Menora Mivtachim

Looking back, when I started my career journey, years ago, I had a lot of open questions that I was looking for answers to.

Being a product manager at the beginning of her road, I was always searching for a way to enrich my knowledge, and this journey never ends, it grows as my career grows, as technology changes and evolves.

Finding the time to enhance our knowledge isn’t as easy  but there’s still so much to learn.

I love the idea of having one place that will gather all my read based on my community and my interests.

Zest helps me to find quality knowledge-building content to advance my skills in a format that met my needs. Enlight combines community curation and AI to make professional development almost effortless for marketers.

Vassilena Valchanova, Digital Strategist, Blogger and Speaker

Are you a fan of I sure am! It’s a great source for quality marketing content – and the place where I find many of the links in my weekly newsletter.

They are launching a new initiative and I got an invite to the Beta, which I’m sharing with all of you nice folks. It’s a content platform with a completely new concept- and I can’t wait to try it.

Jeff Bajayo, Director of Demand Generation at Cynet

Marketing is a field that’s constantly changing, the days of Don Draper and the ad men are long gone, replaced by growth hackers, technical marketers, and those who truly understand the in’s and outs of the internet and how to attract customers at scale.

Keeping up with the latest trends and building your skills is always a challenge, but my long-time friend Yam Regev is releasing Zest Enlight – The knowledge-building content you need, when and where you need it, backed by community curation and AI. All delivered in an easy to use mobile app.

Aiza Coronado, Email Copywriter + Onboarding Specialist for SaaS and Tech Companies, Marketer at EmailMeForm, LLC

Officially an Enlighter!

Thanks for the forever-free beta, Yam Regev!

Hope this lessens the content overwhelm that I can’t seem to shake off. If you’d also like to only see and consume value-packed marketing posts that are highly relevant to your skill, join us.

Cut off the noise. So you’ll have more energy to implement the stuff that you’ve just learned.

Cezar Machado, Digital Marketing Specialist at Rock Content

How does self-knowledge become present in your daily life?

I love studying, taking courses in the area, reading my favorite blogs.

But at some point, tools can help us organize our sources, our learning. Concepts need to be revisited on the journey of knowledge.

It is great to be part of a community that help professionals around the world in the mission of learning and making happen.

Micro-learning is learning that occurs in small units.

When Zest started its version for Google Chrome, it made life much easier for professionals like me who live in a amount of information: whether produced or consumed by me.

Zest Enlight is an interesting bet for a market that advances and consolidates at every moment its need: Content Marketing

Thank you Yam Regev , Katarina and Zesteam for sharing this brilliant work with us.

Vijay Mandeep, Senior Growth Marketer at Netcore smartech

From Vijay’s article, My Only Career Plan is to Learn and Help Others Learn!

…Like most marketers, I too faced the heat of corporate life — KPIs, deadlines, endless strategies, etc. But my constant need for learning something new helped me in minimizing the impact and was able to fulfill my responsibilities.

In no time I decided that I’ll make a career plan for myself that will not only benefit me but will also benefit the people around me.

Today I’m a Senior Growth Marketer and I know how hard it is for marketers to make time out of the cut-throat corporate world to upskill and learn.

My two cents for all the marketers would be “never cease to learn”. Consider learning as a race you pause and someone will soon surpass you. You got to be ahead of your game always to stay on top.

Today you have platforms that offer you to take free courses, you can also attend local meetups to share your knowledge and gain diversified experience. Podcasts are a great way to learn directly from subject matter experts. Personally, I consume a lot of podcasts and make notes out of it that not only help me in my current role but also in sharing the learnings to my peers for enhancing their knowledge bank.

My current favorite self-learning destination is

Honestly, I used to visit to feed on my daily content needs and read new articles. But a few months back I stumbled upon At first, I was skeptical about using it but man it got me glued. What sets Zest apart is their content recommendation engine that ensures your quality of learning. Zest is a community of self-learners who share common interests and content that zests them away…

Anat Eshel @ Zest Enlight

Anat Eshel, Talent Technical Sourcer at Nisha Group

My career path started as an Online Marketer – Media Manager, SEO, Content and some other things. After a while, I found a new path in the recruitment field as a Talent sourcer. Basically, I’m always on the hunt for new talents for various positions, such as Data Scientist, SW Development, Mobile Development and more.

With Zest I’m receiving reliable and great content 24/7, content which helps me learn to be better at my job and opens my mind for new opportunities.

If you haven’t joined yet, you must do so right now!

Besides the fact that it’s a great way for self-learners like me to receive great content and actually learn new things every day, Yam is one of the founders and he’s one of the best Marketers I know and follow worldwide, for some time now.

More mentions and stories

It isn’t just Enlighters who speak English who were willing to share their “My Only Career Plan” stories. Many people chose to write about their self-learning journey in their own native language.

Those posts aren’t included in the above selections because we didn’t feel that our translation tools could do them justice. However, we do want to share the name of each of these self-learners. This movement is a global one and we applaud the many voices who have joined. So, a special thanks to

Omer Bachar, Hilla Bakshi, Keshett Barkai, Netanel Baruch, Idan Benishu, Ran Berkovich, Ben Blanki, Israel Blechman, Daniel Cahanov, Adi Ben Dor (Schulman), Pe’era Feldman-Gordon, Galit Galperin, Yael Gelberger, Ortal Haber, Yarin Hochman, Barbara Li Kaplan, Ariel Kedem, Yuval Keshtcher, Omer Milwidsky, Eti Avital Morgendorff, Adaya Ohana, Avishay Pariz, Ben Pines, Roy Povarchik, Tal Saadon, Lio Schafferman, and Geva Telem.

Also thanks to Yoav Adomi, AgilityIO, Stephanie Baiocchi (IMPACT), Carmel Baran, Omer Buzo, Ondřej Dufek, AJ Ghergich, Matija Golubovic, IM Training Pros, Fotis Karioris, Ryan Kulp, Loud Techie, Idan Maor, MCForum, Enstine Muki, Michael Sheehan, Nicky Pasquier, Alessandro Pinton, Aviel Sela, and So Creative for helping to spread the word about Zest Enlight.  

This is just the beginning for tribal self-learners

The heartfelt stories shared by these Enlighters makes clear that the way we obtain and process information is evolving.

Zest is so proud and excited to be a part of that evolution. We hope that those of you who read the words of our many community supporters will be inspired to join the self-learning movement, too.

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