Achieving growth by pursuing product-tribe fit: How the Zest tribe shaped Zest Enlight

All Product June 11, 2019
Achieving growth by pursing product-tribe fit: How the Zest tribe shaped Zest Enlight


Achieving growth by pursuing product-tribe fit: How the Zest tribe shaped Zest Enlight

Bringing a product to market is a challenging, exciting, amazing process. You love your idea, your mom says it’s great, your friends and colleagues say “Go for it!” but what really matters is the users.

Do they love the product as much as you love the idea? How close are you to achieving features-market fit on the journey to product-market fit?

Product-user fit: The Zest tribe makes Zest products better

In December of 2018, Zest decided to ask users how we were doing.

Did the content shared by the community and distilled by Zest’s AI help them stay up-to-date on the latest marketing trends? Did the delivery of quality marketing content via the Zest content stream save them from the modern-day scourge of information overload?

The survey results brought us both good and bad news and about Zest’s product.

First, it was gratifying to discover that Zest had achieved some level of product-market fit. With a completion rate of 19%, 239 survey respondents gave us an NPS of 65.

We also learned that Zesters were self-learners.

Two-thirds of users turned to Zest to increase their professional knowledge or to stay up-to-date on industry trends. Just one-third of Zesters used the platform as a content distribution or curation channel.

A chart showing the results of Zest's 2018 user survey. Nearly 70% of users of Zest's marketing content discover platform visit to increase their professional knowledge or stay up-to-date regarding industry news.
December 2018 results from survey conducted using Typeform

And, they don’t have a lot of time to spare.

Zest users said that like many other professionals, knowledge-building sometimes takes a back seat to other obligations.

65% of survey respondents told us that a lack of time prevented them from consuming content from Zest more often.

This 2018 survey also revealed some room for improvement in Zest.

Some survey respondents didn’t like the Chrome extension and asked for a mobile app. Others wanted more robust search options and greater personalization. These requests, suggestions and criticisms formed the basis for the next phase of our product roadmap.

We had our next mission.

Zest users wanted an app that would support their professional self-learning goals while saving them time.

They wanted to be able to access Zest via their mobile devices and personalize their Zest content.

From this input, a mobile MVP was born: Zest Enlight 🧠💡

Empowering tribal self-learners to learn on the go

Zest Enlight is the premium version of our mobile app and provides users with an individualized learning experience.

Users of the Zest mobile app can access Zest’s catalog of high-quality, knowledge-building marketing content while on the go. They can choose to view the latest entries on the Zest Content Stream or filter their results by tags.

Images of the onboarding options available for the Zest Enlight mobile app. Users can select the amount of marketing content they receive and at what time the content will be delivered.
Zest Enlight customization features

When you download the Zest mobile app, you receive a free trial of Zest Enlight. Zest Enlight’s premium functions supercharge professional’s self-learning by combining Zest’s community-curated content with an AI-guided personal learning path.

Enlight users begin by choosing the tags or topics they want to upskill. Then, they indicate how much content they’d like to consume each day in pursuit of that goal.

Users can also choose their format and the time of day they’d like their knowledge-building Zest content pack to be delivered. Users can also save their progress and share the content they’ve discovered on social media or to their favorite Slack channel.

By delivering short bursts of content, Zest users can invest time developing their professional knowledge each day keeping them up-to-date and in-the-know.

They can learn in the flow of life.

Illustrating Zest's mission to help marketing professionals learn in the flow of life.

What is learning in the flow of life?

A few years ago, Josh Bersin coined the phrase learning in the flow of work. He explains that this type of learning fits around your workday and working life. It is learning that doesn’t force you to stop what you are doing to gain the knowledge you need.

I call Zest Enlight an app for learning in the flow of life because, if you are like me and many other members of the self-learners tribe, you aren’t just learning what you need to do your job.

Self-learners, like those who shared their stories with the Zest community when Zest Enlight first launched in beta, are always seeking new information that can help them achieve today’s tasks and acquire tomorrow’s skills.

We seek knowledge to keep current in their industries, investigate new opportunities, and grow personally and professionally.

For example, Michael Koral wrote,

“I learn with my peers and my teammates. If you cannot say you learn something new everyday, I think you are doing something wrong. It only takes a few minutes and it will always help you.

Yael Miriam Klass added,

I need to constantly not just focus on the tasks ahead but the skill set and career I am building for chapters to come.

Also, self-learners aren’t always working for someone else. So we can’t rely on corporate training programs to deliver learning in the flow of work to keep us on track.

That’s why the learning path you choose in Zest Enlight isn’t tied to your employer’s goals, but yours.

A quote from Zest Enlight user Stephanie Baiocchi "The personalized content is perfectly on point and fits in naturally with what I need to grow professionally."
Feedback from an early-adopter, IMPACT’s Stephanie Baiocchi

Microlearning for the win

Of course, whether you are working for yourself or someone else, you probably still need a learning solution that delivers the knowledge you need without a lot of fluff.

But traditional long-form learning models, such as online or offline courses, day-long seminars, and weekly training sessions are difficult to fit into the flow of life and they aren’t that effective.

Most of us can only store 3 to 5 chunks of information in our central working memory.

Microlearning solutions are designed to deliver bite-sized, focused installments of information. It is information fits your working memory’s capacity which improves your retention of the information you’ve consumed.

Because microlearning is delivered in small focused, increments, it also fits into your day.

You can choose to spend 15 to 30 minutes a day gaining a new skill or deepening your knowledge about a single topic instead of several hours reading a book or attending a class to extract the information you need.  

The most efficient knowledge-building program is a personalized one

NPR says that personalized learning, which incorporates elements of psychology, educational science and AI, is the “No. 1 educational technology priority” for U.S. school.

Personalized learning is an instructional method that gives students control over what they learn and tutors them independently.

It is instruction designed for the individual, not the herd.

An example of this self-guided learning is Khan Academy which allows students to learn at their own pace and select the information most relevant to their needs.

The magazine, Training Industry describes how AI further enhances personalized learning to become adaptive learning or learning modules that adjust to the needs of each learner.

Adaptive learning modules help adult learners achieve mastery faster than traditional courses. The information learners consume can also more easily be kept up-to-date.

Zest Enlight delivers adaptive learning to marketing professionals. You choose to learn what you are motivated to learn.

Illustration of Zest Enlight's features: Creating individualized microlearning paths for thousands of professionals with
AI-guided content matching, user-defined delivery preferences that are dynamic, responsive and mobile.

You select when you’ll consume the information and how much information you want to consume in each session. Then, Zest’s AI selects relevant and timely content from our community-curated database that meets your needs and helps you achieve your goals.   

Did we achieve product-market fit with the learning-optimization features we incorporated into Zest Enlight?

We asked the beta helpers to tell us.

Tribe-sourcing product-market fit for the Zest mobile app

The product we’re sharing with the world today was shaped by the input of hundreds of beta helpers who began testing the Zest mobile app and premium Zest Englight in May.

Zest Enlight's banner for the beta helpers feedback collection program: "Zest Enlight BETA Community Feedback, waving bye-bye to bugs"
Use a multi-channel program to gather feedback from as many users a possible

During the closed beta period, they shared their feedback and suggestions by contacting the Zesteam directly and by pointing out bugs and sharing ideas via a community Trello board and Facebook Group.

You can get an idea of the impact the beta helpers had, check out Katarina’s article that lists some of the results of their input.

We also asked beta helpers to share their feedback with us via a very brief Typeform survey that basically asked the question, “How did we do?”

From the beta helpers’ survey answered we learned that they found the Zest mobile app and Zest Enlight easy to set up but would like even more personalization and selection when it comes to content. Users want to be able to rate and reject unwanted content and discuss the content they consume.

They want an app that empowers them as tribal-self learners.

We’ll take this information and continue to improve the Zest Enlight experience for all users.

In the meantime, are you wondering what using the Zest mobile app with Zest Enlight is like?

Check out what some of the Zest Enlight beta helpers said. ⬇

Zest mobile app beta helpers share their reactions to Zest Enlight

Stephanie Baiocchi, Director of audience engagement and community at IMPACT

Discover relevant content. Check.

Begin reading on the go. Check.

Forward content to Slack channel so she can pick back up where she left off on her desktop. Check.

In her video, Stephanie explains how Zest Enlight makes it easier for her to get things done.

Sam Hurley, Managing Director at OPTIM-EYEZ

No one puts together a visual quite like Sam. Click play to see what his Zest Enlight experience looks like. Cool stuff indeed!

Caroline Budwig, People enthusiast and globe-trotting leader in marketing in innovation

Caroline posted on LinkedIn that she first thought Zest was another foodie app, but soon realized it was food for her brain.

Caroline Budwig's LinkedIn post describing her experience using Zest Enlight.
Source: LinkedIn

AJ Alonzo, Director of Marketing at demandDrive

What’s better than finding good content to consume? Finding the right content to consume. AJ shows us how Zest delivers just what’s right in this post + video.

Lori Steuart, Marketing Manager at ioFABRIC

Lori appreciates Zest Enlight’s weekends off option.

Nick Gandolfi, Content and Social Media Marketing Specialist at Italiaonline

What a tagline, Nick! We will keep calm and read the best Zest.  

Michael Fesko, Senior Project Manager at Connection

Michael’s awesome demo video shows us how it’s done.

Lilach Goldis, Customer Success and SDR at Systematics Ltd. Solutions at Work

What tags is Lilach exploring on Zest? Click play to find out.

David Pagotto, Founder and Managing Director at SIXGUN

David and his team at digital marketing agency, SIXGUN, are using the Zest mobile app for the win.

Ayelet HaShachar Penrod, B2B Digital Marketer

Ayelet has a plan to combat information overload using Zest Enlight.

Giacomo Giorgianni, CDO at Winelivery

Don’t you love those magical moments when everything comes together? Giacomo posted on LinkedIn about one of those moments delivered by Zest Enlight. He discovered content that gave him the answers he needed right in the flow of work.

Image of Giacomo Giorgianni's LinkedIn post describing how Zest Enlight delivered the right information at the right time to make upskilling magic.
Source: LinkedIn

Nadav Avidan, VP Marketing and Communications at Glispa Global Group

Nadav wants you to know: This is not an ad. He just really likes Zest.

Eliran Caspi, Senior SEO and Development Manager

Self-learning and surfing, what do they have in common? Find out how Zest Enlight helps Eliran feel the rush in his article.

Image of Dliran Caspi's article on LinkedIn Pulse describing how Zest Enlight helps him find the right content at the right time, titled Waves of Self-learning.
Source: LinkedIn Pulse

Neriyah Oren, Product Manager at

One mobile device plus Zest Enlight equals the combination that helps Neriyah upskill daily.

Ward van Gasteren, Growth Hacking Expert at Grow With Ward

Ward reminds us that the fast pace of innovation means continuous learning is a must.

Pierre Boulanger, Growth Manager at GOODIEBOX

Adding a shout out to the app that started it all, the Zest Chrome extension, Pierre gives us a peek at the marketing content he’s now consuming via the Zest mobile app.

Pierre Boulanger explains how he saves time by using Zest to find knowledge-building content via a LinkedIn update.
Source: LinkedIn

Ashok Kumar, Marketing Manager at Silvan Innovations Labs Pvt Ltd

A bold prediction about the future of Zest. Challenge accepted, Ashok.

Ricardo Santis, Online Sales Expert and Digital Marketing Consultant

You may need a translation app to tell you that Ricardo says the Zest mobile app is a great way to start your day, but the video is easy to understand. Community-curated content delivered to your mobile device.

The tribal self-learning revolution has started. Are you in?

Today, thanks to the support of the Zest tribe, the Zest mobile app is ready to launch. Idan has squished the bugs the beta helpers uncovered and implemented many of their awesome suggestions. The Zest community is taking tribal self-learning to the next level.

And, again, I feel those same pre-launch emotions: excitement, stress, amazement. Will others see in Zest Enlight what our beta testers saw? Have we achieved product-market fit?

Visit us today on Product Hunt as we share the Zest mobile app with tribal self-learners from around the world. And, if you haven’t downloaded the app yet, do it today and get 3-months of Zest Enlight free.