The Pink Flamingo Update: Connect with your favourite Zesters, snooze articles and more

All Product June 25, 2019

The Pink Flamingo Update: Connect with your favourite Zesters, snooze articles and more

Welcome to the first update release since Zest app came out of closed BETA 👋🏽

Today a new, improved version became live on iOS (and will be available for Android on July 1).

Note: Android version of Pink Flamingo is now live! It also involves squishing the bug in the onboarding where you’re unable to go poes the time-related screen. Make sure your app is up to date.

We call it The Pink Flamingo update as during the product team’s Zoom discussions about this update, Yam had this inflatable pink flamingo right behind him.

It was so distinguishing and surreal we knew we had to name this update after it.

The famous pink flamingo

Before I head into the nitty gritty of the latest product improvements and bug fixes, an important note for all the
amazing people who helped beta test Zest Enlight using TestFlight:

If you’re still accessing the Testflight beta version, replace it with the latest version of the Zest app from the App Store. The TestFlight version is only available for 90 days and is not regularly being updated. So if you are still using TestFlight, you won’t be seeing the latest changes.

Now, these are the things that make Zest 1.1.0 improved:

  • The ability to clear a piece of content from the Enlight screen: Like Tinder, but for knowledge — you can now swipe your Enlight pieces left and right depending on whether you want to remove or snooze them. I mean, just look at it:

By the way, this article Aazar suggested is top notch 👌🏽
  • User profile screens: If another Zester keeps suggesting content you like over and over again, you can now check out their profile, browse their suggested and saved pieces of content and follow them!
  • Success score: You know that groovy score that’s calculated based on how many of your suggestions were published on Zest? You can now track it in your app.
  • No more repetitions: The algorithm got another round of polishing and now Enlighters who like consuming larger amounts of content shouldn’t be seeing duplicates.
  • Spotify and Deezer will no longer stop playing while you’re using Zest app: Time to update that productivity playlist 🎧
  • Easier to explore: The layout of tags in the Explore Stream is better. It is now easier to skim when customizing choices.
  • Animated path: A fancy new knowledge path generating screen has been added. (The animation is much more Enlightening.)

Plus, these annoying bugs should no longer be bothering you:

  • Titles that overlap with other elements of the cards
  • Not being able to unlike a piece of content you liked
  • The trial bar that keeps appearing in the feed even when you made a payment
  • Weird fits for images in the Explore Stream

One huge shout out to the impressive group of beta helpers who keep adding more feedback to our Facebook Beta Helpers group. If you want to join them, we’re waiting for you.