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Leveling up the Pink Flamingo: The ability to search is here, along with better onboarding

July 9, 2019

Leveling up the Pink Flamingo: The ability to search is here, along with better onboarding

One very cool thing we discovered in the past month is the workflow opportunities that come with building and improving a mobile app.

And, as a small and remote team, each one of us wears different hats throughout the day. So we took the last month to rearrange, align, and explore different modes of communicating and arranging development sprints.

The result of the development in second sprint brought the release 1.1.1, which builds on the Pink Flamingo and brings some dope improvements and bug fixes.

The absolute star of this release is the search feature, which was definitely necessary and which many of you asked for.

Can you now curate the content for your next newsletter on the go? You bet you can. 🙂

But the 1.1.1 version of Zest mobile app also includes:

  • Guiding messages: You know how crazy we are about user onboardings, right? Well, new users are now being onboarded to Enlight after the first login.
  • Improved UI for right-to-left languages: Hebrew and Arabic language users will now have better reading experience when viewing content on Zest
  • Layout of the bottom tab got a sleek improvement (and a menu button)
  • User’s profile page can now be accessed from user user’s account.
  • Security improvements: Minor security adjustments made
  • [iOS specific] Haptic feedback: You know that small vibration you feel when tapping your screen? You can sense them in the Zest app now, too.

And the bugs that will no longer concern us are:

  • The CTA button on the Enlight loading screen no longer refreshes the screen
  • Tapping Load More in the Saved tab no longer duplicates content
  • The Enlight banner will now behave itself when you are selecting Tags in the Explore feed

While Idan and the rest of the team are laying the groundwork for the  next sprint, make sure to update your app to the freshest version and let us know how you like it.

Noticing any bugs or want to see a new feature in the future?
Participate in the discussions over at the Zest Enlight BETA Facebook group or simply message me at