New partnership announcement: Zesters’ content will now appear on UpContent’s supreme content curation platform

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Hero image for UpContent + Zest partnership. Features images of Scott Rogerson, CEO of UpContent and Idan Yalovich, CEO of Zest. Plus handshake emoji and title: New Partnership Announcement: Zesters' Content Will Now Appear On UpContent's Supreme Content Curation Platform


New partnership announcement: Zesters’ content will now appear on UpContent’s supreme content curation platform

We founded Zest to combat infobesity and stop junk content from taking over our content diets. Zest’s mission is to create the cleanest and most distilled content repository for professionals. We empower professionals to find the knowledge they need to work effectively and control their content consumption habits. 

High-quality content for professionals should be an internet standard, and this is why our partnership with UpContent is so vital. 

UpContent is a tool that helps brands and individuals build trust and deepen relationships with curated content. With our partnership, their clients will have access to Zest’s high-quality content to consume and share with their audiences. Together our companies are pushing back against junk content so that high-quality content can thrive.

The following is an announcement that UpContent and Zest shared today, telling the world about our new partnership and commitment to sharing high-quality content. 


The digital space is filled with content. 

Over 70 million new articles are written each month, and 27 million shared digitally each day. To make an impact, Individuals and brands must cut through the noise and distribute information to their audiences that educates, informs, engages and, ultimately, inspires action. But how can these individuals and businesses efficiently find that value-adding content amidst all the low-value filler and fluff? 

Two companies, each founded in 2017, have independently developed leading solutions to address this curation challenge. Zest does it by tapping into the collective wisdom of its community to support marketers’ professional development worldwide. Meanwhile, UpContent empowers brands to build trust, deepen relationships and drive revenue through strategically curated content for internal and external audiences.

With many of UpContent’s direct customers also leveraging Zest to build their professional knowledge, it only made sense to take professional content curation up a notch by infusing UpContent’s output with Zest’s community-curated, professional-to-professional content. 

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“It was a bit like coming to a crossroads as we and Zest were on a similar mission, just in a different context,” said Scott Rogerson, CEO of UpContent. “Our customers value bringing only the ‘best’ content to their audiences. Removing the friction between our customers’ article review efforts for personal versus organizational development facilitates an even more enjoyable experience within UpContent – and helps reinforce the benefit of making curation a collaborative habit, regardless of department.”

That’s why, starting today, UpContent customers will easily be able to find Zest-approved content when they search for shareable content on the UpContent platform.

A badge will identify which content is Zest-approved content among the choices surfaced when UpContent customers enter their criteria on the UpContent platform. 

Image title: UpContent Topic View Showing Article with Zest Badge. This image depicts the UpContent content curation dashboard and features content that has the Zest approved label.
Verified by Zest content now available at UpContent

UpContent customers can also filter their selections to see only Zest-approved content and they can select Zest content categories as sources to feed their UpContent Collections. 

Title: New Zest Source within UpContent Collections Image depicts a drop down  menu within the UpContent dashboard that enables users to select from among Zest's topical tags such as email, B2B, CRO, ecommerce, growth and more.
New Zest options have dropped in on UpContent

“Helping marketers filter out low-quality content has always been part of Zest’s mission,” said Idan Yalovich, Co-founder and CEO of Zest. “With this partnership, we can help these same individuals support the development of their organization and themselves while also rewarding those publishers who create great content with even greater reach.”

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About Zest
Zest uses a proprietary system to map professionals’ goals and deliver high-quality content when they need it and where they need it to support those goals. Users can access definitions, case studies, industry benchmark reports, and other community-curated, Zest- approved content without switching apps.

Zest enables remote teams to share knowledge, improving their alignment and increasing their productivity by 20%. To share your knowledge and get your content in front of professionals from around the world,  create your account at

About UpContent

UpContent helps marketing and sales professionals build trust, deepen relationships, and drive revenue through strategically curated content. UpContent analyzes millions of articles monthly and lets marketers across industries tap into the collective expertise of their company’s team to discover and share high-quality content with customers and prospects.  Its technology also easily integrates with favorite outreach tools so marketers don’t have to change their stack.

UpContent was named “Leader” and “Best Estimated ROI” by the unbiased SaaS industry review site G2. For more information, or to request a personalized demo, visit