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Zest ShareBar: we’re spicing up how articles are shared from Zest

February 7, 2019


Zest ShareBar: we’re spicing up how articles are shared from Zest

Every day, I sit down and open wide a dusty 15-inch Lenovo laptop, hoping that today it will run like it used to.

I click my way to the web and see that some of my friends have shared articles for me to read. But, as much as I’d like to, I can’t allow myself to read dozens of articles, especially if I don’t know whether the content will be any good.

Needless to say, often the content shared by peers is the “Oh, I just read the first paragraph and thought it’s relevant for you,” type of recommendation. And that ain’t cool.

That got me thinking: “why is the current way we share content so uninformed?”

Utopian sharing experience

Imagine an experience where a click can show you the stats about the credibility of a piece of content……

Where a click can show you what people like you think about an article…

Where industry leaders give unpaid, truthful feedback about a podcast…

And where, if you like something, you can easily discover more related content from all around the web…

Image all that–seamlessly integrated with your reading experience.

To me, words can’t describe how much of a divine gift that would be.

Content curation can only do so much

The age of content marketing has brought with it the pain of content overload.  It has become crucial to find ways to cut down noise and fluff in order to productively consume content. Content curation, has become our painkiller of choice. However, this method of relief has drawbacks. Content curation is usually applied to serve the masses, its value depends on the skill of curator, and it is limited by the capacity of the curator to find content worth sharing.  

What’s the real problem with content curation? If you can’t assess the quality before you consume the content, it’s hard to trust the source.  

“Please help me find good content”

I believe that in a curated world, there needs to be one more step to picking out great content: data-backed source assessment.

If out of dozens of articles, you can select a few and know for sure they’re the bomb, why do you need more?

ding-ding-ding! 💡

Once I realized that Zest had enough data to create this utopian experience, I quickly messaged Idan only to find out he started to build something similar already.

Great minds… 🧠=🧠

So, what we did was combine our ideas to create the synergy that resulted in…

The future of content experience

I would like to ‘share’ with you our new Zest Sharebar. (We couldn’t call it the Zest Rind, it would be too skinny.) The Sharebar will now be your assistant to find relevant information and statistical insights about the content that is shared by your friends and colleagues.

Whenever you click through a link shared via Zest, you’ll find the Zest Sharebar on the left side of your screen.

What can you do with the Sharebar?

We designed the Sharebar to be incredibly helpful yet the exact opposite of intrusive. We wanted to make sure that you would looove having the ability to find 💣 articles with only one click.

With the Zest Sharebar, you will be able to:

  • Share content on various social platforms
  • Save content to your Zest profile
  • Suggest content to the Zest Content Stream
  • Find the Zest credibility score of a content channel (blog, website, etc.)
  • Comment/read comments from fellow marketers about the selected content
  • Personally connect with your peers (share the piece with your takeaways to your peeps)
  • Find similar articles

Where can you find it?

Right now, the Zest Sharebar is available on most content once you share them through Zest.

And, soon, it will be fully available for those who are clicking on articles directly from the  Zest extension and web Streams!

It’s available on mobile as well!

Feeling zesty about giving feedback?

With every sprint, we want to improve the Zest Sharebar and help you consume the best content available.

However, without your help, it’s won’t be an easy task.

If you’re feeling zesty, join us to be a part of the great quest to kill fluff content.

Email me at with what you would like to see on the Zest Sharebar and overall your thoughts & feedback!