My Zest Success Score is 91%. What in the world is that about?

All Product January 15, 2019
Yam's fancy flamingo hat in the same colour as Zest success score

My Zest Success Score is 91%. What in the world is that about?

It’s Monday morning.

While I’m waiting for my coffee to cool, I browse through my Slack messages from the previous day.

The work week may only be starting for me and most of you, but Zest’s Israeli crew is already all fired up. So I have a lot of mentions to go through.

One message seems particularly odd:

Yam: We should do a blog post for Success Score.

I take a sip of my coffee, wonder if I’ll ever get used to having it without creamer, and think to myself.

“Darn, somebody kidnapped him and this is a coded message.”

Katarina: The feature’s been up for a while now, you sure it’s still relevant?

Yam: Yes. In fact, we should do a product marketing sprint, and write bazillion articles in the next month.

(By this stage, I doubt if I am actually awake. I must be dreaming this conversation.)

Yam: Karolis is loving it! I can prepare a brief today, I can have Idan set up the blog. We can do video assets through Loom, I’ll forward design briefs to [name of the new mysterious designer we have yet to reveal]. And, if we do this and then that and that and that we’re all ready to go. What do you think?

Katarina: Erm…

*Flash Forward to two weeks later*

Welcome to the first episode of Katarina & Karolis’ Product Marketing Sprint. 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽

Today we are busting the myth of Zest’s Success Score.

I know you’ve probably been seeing that curious stat in your profile for a while now, but there have been some questions about it coming our way so we decided it would be a good idea to share some details and peculiarities regarding the Zest Success Score.

(Yes, that curious stat)

“How come I missed that?”

Oh, you haven’t spotted it yet?

Click on your pretty face in the upper right corner of Zest Content Stream and along with all your suggestions, followers, and followees (Karolis told me this is a legit word), you’ll be able to discover your Success Score.

How is Zest Success Score being calculated?

It’s quite simple actually. For now, the Success Score is the rate of published articles out of the total number of suggestions you have made on Zest.

If you suggested 10 pieces of content and one didn’t get approved by the community, for whatever reason, your Success Score is 90%.

In my case, the community didn’t like 54 of my suggestions (I’m going to have to have a word with the Chiefs 🤨), and so my current score is 91%.

My Loom premiere (shaky hands due to stagefright) ⤴

Now, about that “for now” I mentioned.

On constant improvement  

Shortly after we rolled out Success Score to the public, we got feedback from several Zesters who realized that their Score was affected even when their suggestion (even though very good) was rejected because the content had already been suggested by another Zest member.

(Thank you Deborah and Ashley)

Which, I agree, is not very fair.

And yeah, we are working on improving the system. Soon, we will remove technical reasons for rejection like 404 pages and duplicate suggestions from the Zesty equation and update the Success Scores of all of the Zesty members who were affected.

Don’t have a Success Score yet?

Go suggest a Zesty piece of content right now and feel free to share how it goes.

And if you already know your success score but wonder how you can improve it, you can check out these Zesty Content Guidelines.