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3 steps involved in sharing knowledge-building content
you created or discovered with the Zest tribe

Step #2

Review and moderation

Using ML and multi-level community moderation, the content is reviewed to make sure it meets the quality standards described in the Yellow Content Guidelines

Step #3

Publishing to the Content Stream

If the content you suggested meets the community criteria, it will be published on Zest Stream recognizing you as the contributor

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FAQs about becoming a contributor

Is the content I suggest automatically published?
Nope. Not every piece of content is suitable for the Zest tribe. Content suggestions are processed by ML and evaluated by community moderators. Only those meeting the Zest tribe’s quality standards are published.
Does Zest accept content in various formats?
Absolutely! Podcasts, videos, reports, and case studies are all welcome as long as they deliver valuable knowledge-building information to the Zest tribe of self-learners.
How long does the moderation process take?
Most content is evaluated within 24 hours of its submission. You’ll receive status updates about your suggestions via email.
Can I promote content that I created on Zest?
If your own content got approved and published on Zest Stream, you can promote it using Content Boost.

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