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Organization’s files, document, and items at your fingertips

Zest for Enterprise makes the information in your organization accessible, saves app-switching time, and eliminates information silos

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Zest for Mobile
Zest for Mobile

More than 50,000 professionals and organizations use Zest

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Ensure information accessibility across
your organization

From wherever it’s saved. To wherever you work.

Across-org, On-demand
Information Finder

All your information sources on-hand,
one keyboard shortcut away

  • No need to switch apps in order to find
    what’s needed to work effectively
  • No isolated decision-making

AI-based file delivery
when your teams need it

Never interrupt your workflow
to find what you need.

The information and files you need
will find you as you work

  • No app switching
  • No need to ask colleagues where
    something is saved

Collections to keep your teams aligned and productive

A Collection is a place in which the golden version of each file is saved, displayed and can be easily browsed.

Each employee can create a Collection for themself, for their projects, for their department or across multiple departments.

  • No information silos
    within the organization
  • No isolated decision-making


Connected information sources, connected tools, recent activity, usage statistics, search abilities and return on investment (ROI) data, in one place

  • Minimum friction, maximum value
  • Clear and measurable ROI

Zest for Enterprise

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